Pants on Fire!!

Might I ask a simple question of you? If what you say is really true, then why does it not sit peacefully with you? Your BODY seems to negatively react to that which you state as unadulterated fact.

The information that you so freely tell does not seem to sit so well. “I’m a bit concerned,” as I sigh, your EYES are screaming, it’s a lie!!

Opposite of what you are trying to convey, what is your face trying to say? The FOREHEAD SWEAT gives it away, it’s not all truth in what you spray.

Your words don’t flow, the story slow, the recollection of the past seems to race by entirely too fast.

Slow the pace down, I’m wishing, the intricate details you seem to be missing. Some of the pieces of the puzzle have been lost in the struggle between truth and lie, that you cannot deny.

I learned this lesson watching you, you cannot tell what isn’t true. When you kidnap the truth, bury it deep within you, an allergic reaction will start to brew, because truth and lie don’t dance the same pace, that truth is written all over your FACE.

Your EYES shifting, your EYEBROWS lifting, your SKIN TONE pale, it’s a lie I can tell. Your TOE tapping while you’re rapping, your seat shifting, your volume lifting, wringing HANDS all the while, as deception rips through your SMILE.

I see your frustration, your BLOOD starts to boil, your well thought out plan, truth seems to foil. Your temperature goes from hot to cold as you recognize truth must be told.

Just admit it, you’re the one to blame, all I asked you was…………… your name.

Liar liar pants MIGHT NOT BE on FIRE, but if the truth you do not tell, your life will be a living HELL, Freida!!!

I Love you


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