Internal Yearn and Burn

At 2:48 am, I am saying to myself, “I am on a quest to find that which belongs and is for me. I don’t want anything that belongs to anyone else. I ONLY want that which GOD has marked with my name on it. It’s my size, my fit, my shape, my taste, my color, my desire, my need, my fulfillment, my satisfaction.

It will be my arrival home, my journey completed, my acceptance speech, my announcement to the world, my joy in all of its splendor, and my dream realized.” I won’t have to cry no more, lose sleep no more, fight no more, complain no more, compete no more, or compromise no more.

Everyday I wake up with a need and unction to dig, fight, plow, lift, push, pull, climb, crawl, and swing. The feeling never leaves. Even when I’m resting, it’s with a war and work posture. I’m not afraid of the work. I thrive off of the work. I don’t want easy. The real work brings out the real you. You really don’t know who you are and what you are made of until you’ve been stretched. Sitting still and idling are not options.

There is something to give, to do, to share, to lend, to see, to experience, to embrace. I aim to make it happen.

There is someone out there to inspire, motivate, challenge, encourage, lift, free, loose and push. I accept the call.

It’s thirty minutes before the wake up buzzer rings. I guess I’ll go back to sleep to wake up again.

Love ya


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