If I Could Read Your Mind

If I Could Read Your Mind

If I could read your mind, what kind of thoughts would I find, behind those unassuming eyes and innocent thighs, I wonder what lies?

Mind reading would be proof of what you say is the truth, of how much you truly love me, for I would clearly be able see, what you think of me and We.

How deep does your Ocean flow and what places you want me to go, I would now know. The sexy thoughts you contrive and how deep you desire me to dive, how long you want me to stay, your thoughts would helplessly give it away if……I could read your mind.

You would no longer have to compromise, your deep desires I would know, rather you want it fast, grinding or slow!! Oh, the granted wish to read your mind, I bet it’s one of a freaky kind.

Your eyes and words they dance and play, they deflect everyone’s attention the opposite way, it would no longer be necessary to search and find, your pleasure treasure would be all mine. I would quench my thirst in the depths of your secret well for your thoughts would gladly confess and tell.

If I could read your mind, when you look at me, what you really see? Your desire and fire, your future plan and all the things you want to do to this man. Beyond what you do and don’t say, your thoughts would clearly convey. You would not be able to deny with an innocent eye, a lie or a sigh. Oh, the things that I would find, If I could only read your mind.

No longer would you have to lay in bed with fantasy dancing in your head.

Two hundred pounds of pressure pinning you to the headboard and blowing your mind, I will gladly act upon every thought I find.

Like Sam I Am with his green eggs and ham, I would kiss you here, there and everywhere. On a train, in a plane, in amber waves of grain, on a box, in a blue smock, and of course in your favorite socks. Like the wonderful sound of a sweet melodic wind chime, your thoughts would sing to me all the thoughts in your mind.

If I really knew, would you even care, would it cause you concern or even a scare? That all the thoughts you think are not good, the wrong do and the right you should. But what a joy it would be to find, that I had a permanent place in your heart and mind.

I love you



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  1. It was the I would kiss you here there and everywhere for me. Loved the poem, quite nice.

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