Addicted to Love and Space

I could be wrong but if I ain’t in LOVE with you, I’m in love with something. It’s too strong to label it LIKE and the fact that your body responds at the same time as mine, clearly indicates a problem Houston. I like candy but ain’t no love involved.

It’s ain’t LUST. Unless you can lust for time, understanding, conversation, your smile, the way you walk and talk, building a future and an Empire together.

It ain’t INFATUATION because we ran through that little town at one hundred miles an hour, a long time ago. There is drizzle in rain and then there is downpour. We are flash flooding with no evacuation plan in mind. We welcome the waterworks. Our whole house underwater is an opportunity for us to sink or swim in Love and I’ve been practicing my backstroke baby. I’m not only your Lifeguard, I’m your Loveguard. Mess around and take on too much water if you want to!! I will gladly bring you back to life. Resuscitation is my strong suit and strength and I’m cutting clubs baby!! We gladly forfeit the offer to leave this island but gladly usher everyone else off. We can’t wait to have it all to ourselves.

It ain’t FANTASY. That involves extreme imagination and vigorous mind play. We have clearly advanced well beyond thinking. You are Shonda Rhimes and I’m Spike Lee!! We are writing the lines, scoring the film, shooting the scenes, acting, directing, producing and recording the sound track on the fly with an option to buy and sell to Netflix. We doing it all in one take. We balling on Love’s Budget.

Naw, It’s ain’t PUPPY LOVE at all. We are back stage at the London psychedelic funk fest in the dressing room of love rolling and passing the the good stuff. Puff, puff, give is an understatement. You puffing and passing and I’m giving. We are the VIBE and the ROTATION Boo!! We are clearly the Hot Lava in the Lamp!! We bubbling like we Rastas!! You turn around and administer a shotgun from your private stash and I’m on a plane to some strange unchartered galaxy without a passport. Where are my flip flops? Who turned my ringer off and put my phone on vibrate?

It’s funny how the best way you can devise to protect your feelings are to stay away and block me. You are going to have to come up with a better built plan. The more you stay away, the more you want and desire. The more you avoid, the more your thirst. There is no rehab center for this smoking hot stuff we got. We knock each other out. You binged one too many times on hugs and perfect kisses, romantic walks and long talks, laughs and intimate embraces. You should have cut it with something or somebody else but you jacked in a straight line of Blue magic and now you are totally zooted. A straight shot? No you didn’t. What were you thinking?

A thought of us and now you are shifting in your chair, blinking fast, swallowing and breathing different. Your pupils are dilated and your extremities are twitching. You reaching for me. Don’t tell me you can kick whenever you desire!!! The seven most dangerous words ever spoken are, “I never had Love like this before!!” What we gonna do, wean ourselves off of us? It ain’t lust, it ain’t like, it ain’t obsession, it ain’t fantasy and it surely ain’t puppy love. I’m in Love and it it ain’t with you, I don’t know what!! My cousin said years ago, “I love beer so much, I wish I could open up my veins and pour it in.” It explains my love for you. Pour you into my veins!! Two has truly become One Baby Bubba!!

Love you


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