Love and Hate Same Thing?

I love you but I hate you. What in the hell did you just say? I love the hell out of you but I hate the hell out of you!!
I wish you would get and stay out of my damn life forever but I also wish you would stay…f*#^# forever.

Take all your clothes, tv, car, furniture and dishes but how are we going to a separate the love shared, the memories, special moments, words spoken, late night whispers and kind deeds?

I know we can divide material things but what about the hugs, kisses, and the love making, the late night walks and talks, the breakfast in bed, the late night drives, endless laughter and the heartfelt tears?

We can’t take back some things. You can take the bed and I take the dresser. You can take the the stove and refrigerator but I’ll take the washer and dryer. All of our memories, fantasies, good times and monumental moments can never be destroyed, dissolved and definitely not split in two. You and I will have to go our separate ways but be forced to carry within our hearts a love that once was and could never me compared.

By some definitions, this is clearly the definition of insanity but it’s also wrapped up and steeped in clarity. We know what we want but we also know what we don’t want.

I wish I never knew you but I don’t even know ME without YOU. I’m not sure which part of you I wish I never met because to erase you is to erase me.

To wish away the bad of an Angel is to wish away the good side of a rotten bastard.
I am totally unclear on where you begin and I end. I hate you for that. I lost me looking, learning and loving you a long time ago. If I spelled my name it would have your letters in it.

If I cut you, I would bleed. Whatever pain I sought to inflict upon you would ultimately be considered a self inflicted wound. I’m gonna shoot you, impose pain, ease your pain and nurse you back to health with love and tenderness?

Hate is such an extreme passionate feeling but so is my extreme all encompassing love for you. Rather you are right or wrong, I love you just the same. I cannot deal with you another day but that is also the day that I refuse to be without you. I hope that day will hurry up and never come.


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