“I Whispered, Please Tell Me”

She said, “I hope I’m not talking too much.” I’m trying to figure out where has she been, what planet has she visited and what kind of people has she encountered whereby her thoughts are not warranted and her mind is not welcomed? She flies daily with a loaded plane of thoughts but no runway to land? The runway is cleared for landing. I understand that planes can’t fly forever. If you have no runway to land, planes will land somewhere. It may not be as elaborate as your airfield, but when landing is an emergency, they will land anywhere. You don’t have to do that. Come on home, You can never talk too much.

So Tell me…I want to hear it!! I am purposely glued to every word and the shape of her sentence structure as she builds the story. She paints the picture while I have the privilege and honor of watching the masterpiece unfold in my mind. Now we are both enlightened. Tell me…I want to see what you see. I know what I see but I want to know what you see!!

Tell me…..I am here for the ride and I brought snacks. I want to ride shotgun in your thoughts and accompany you wherever you take me. As long as I am with you, I’m good. I have purposely scheduled it so that I have no where else to be and nothing else to do but give you my attention undivided.

I want to know your thoughts, how you feel, how it affected you. Tell me…your observation, your point of view, and how you see it. It’s the lost art of listening. Oh what can be learned from listening. I want to feel your emotions. Everything from being tearfully joyful, all the way to furiously enraged. It’s all you, your beauty, and the true passion and essence of who you are. The greatest mistake made is to attempt to get to know her by internally entering through the wrong door and not her thoughts. Wrong route.

Tell me…My eye contact, body language and listening ears are all engaged into what is being said. I’m learning not to interrupt, feel the need to chime in or expound upon anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. It’s imperative that you not lose your train of thought. Stick and stay with it. No worries, I can sift through t’s not crossed and I’s not dotted. Give it to me straight and no chaser. You don’t have to sugarcoat, soften or make the long story short, I understand and I’m not going anywhere.

Bothered, inconvenienced, and frustrated are the attitudes that reject open thoughts and dialogue.
Warning!! If you won’t HEAR her, you won’t HEAR her and “HERE” is where she WON’T BE, if she can’t be heard.
So I whispered, “Please Tell me…”

If you are looking for your plane that went up but never came down? It did land. It…did…land
I love you,


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