Half sleep

There is a secret I want to share with you. Some have experienced and know it to be true, while others are absolutely clueless. To continue to be clueless is to end up all alone. Heed the lesson. No need to announce a change, plaster it upon the highway billboard, or herald it within the town circle, hear ye!! hear ye!! Just do better. Here’s the secret..You ready for it?

Let me set up the scenario and then hit you with the power line. It’s 12:59 am, the house is shut down and locked up tight. Everybody including the dog is down for the night. Everything is in shut down mode. The kitchen is clean and quiet. The only thing you can hear is the hum of the compressor in the back of the Fridge and the occasional rumble of the ice maker. The only thing you can see is the soft orange glow of the light over the stove. It illuminates the entire kitchen just enough for me to navigate through. I can smell the remnant of dinner prepared earlier for the family. No dishes in the sink and all the food is put up. The glass cake cover is on guard duty and resting on top of the cake. I really want a piece but I got enough sense to know that she will smell it on my breath or see the crumbs I leave on the counter in the morning,(dang, we always leave crumbs.) If it were a crime scene we’d be caught. It’s late, so I opt for water and head for the fridge. Something strange about that fridge light and that cool air that hits your thighs while you are searching for something but never know what.

We are just looking. Of course, we hold it open long enough to defrost that puppy. “I’m a grown man,” I whisper to myself and “this is my house.” I hurry up and close the door. As I make my way through the dark house, I love it because it smells like home. It feels lived in.

I can tell what the evening activities were by the house shoes left, a toy, and the remote laying on the couch. The plug-ins are ok full blast and my crib is smelling like the candle store in the mall. Ain’t nothing like a real woman in the house. The dish washing liquid bottle will be straight on the sink, the dish towel folded and the smells will hypnotize you with love. It’s quiet and even the vertical blinds are sleep. Any other time they would swing when the furnace would come on but it’s too late for that.

It quiet and the only thing I can hear now is the smoke detector beep. It’s reminds me to change the battery but it won’t be tonight Baby Bubba. I’m headed for the bedroom.

Like any good man, I’m checking all the doors, windows, and ensuring the alarm is set well before my face hits the pillow. It’s Rick the flashlight cop making rounds before I turn in. Up the stairs with a slight buzz but I’m good. Check the kids room and they are sound asleep. I peek in and forego the kiss because I can’t run the risk of waking nobody up. You ain’t messing up my… never mind. We’ve been talking and texting all night so she knows I’m rolling in late. Love communicates. I’ll say it again, “Love communicates!!” I walk into the bedroom and I’m in heaven. It’s dark and I can’t see but I ain’t turning on no lights. My nocturnal senses will guide me to everything I need to do for the rest of this journey. My shoes were left at the front door, my jacket, pants, and shirt gladly rest on the chair and my wallet, watch, and jewelry make it to the top of the dresser. One trip to the bathroom and I’m headed to the good part. Don’t rush me people!! I love this girl because she does everything I love. Love communicates and LOVE DOES. She’s been in the shower because the room smells like the shower gel and the splash. Hello Vicky Secrets or somebody up in here. My mouth is watering for sweet strawberry passion, warm vanilla brown sugar or purple passion pleasure!! It’s a fruit basket and a bakery going on up in here and I’m starving like Marvin. I’m so glad I wished them fools farewell at the party!! I’m going home, y’all stay if you want to!! It’s good to have someone to come home to. LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN, IT’S GOOD TO HAVE SOMEONE TO COME HOME TO. I slide towards my side of the bed like it’s the MMA Octagon fight and I plan on winning!! The clock light guides your boy in like a 747 on a runway landing strip. It’s too late for pj’s and plus they are hot. I’m going in with skivvies loose, a gold necklace, hugs and the wit and tenacity to pin a grizzly bear into submission!! She’s got her back to me, quiet and still. It’s then that it occurs to me. This is really what I want to share.

There is something about LOVE that you have to understand. Love won’t let you go all the way to sleep until your Love one makes it in. She’s sleep but not all the way. She’s resting but she ain’t sleep. She never really goes into deep sleep until He is home. She’s quiet but she’s been listening the whole time. When you’ve been living and loving for minute, you can be as blind as Stevie and still have ears keen enough to call the play by play.

She heard the garage door go up and down. She heard the key pass the tumblers in the lock and the twist of the knob. She listened for you to lock the top lock as well and you did. She’s half sleep but she can hear the cake plate, the refrigerator door, and the light switch. She won’t tell you, but she heard you say you were a grown man and this your house 😮. She could count the steps up the stairs and the baby room check. She is in as much anticipation as you are because she’s been waiting on her man to get home. There is a peace that passes all understanding when your mate makes it in at night. There is an exhale that cannot be explained. All that’s going on but still she’s still and quiet.

I slide in slow behind her and I am overjoyed because I’m home. The covers are warm and Miss Fine Brown Frame is laying there with all that neck showing. Is that a shoulder blade I see? Thank you for the Erica Badu scarf!! The scarf has neatly tucked away the hair out of harms way!! This must be Transylvania because I’m about to slay my first victim like Blackula on steroids. I’ll bite her whole back off but it would be difficult to explain at work. I slide in and wrap my arm around her waist and kiss the side of her face. Of course, she plays like she is deep in sleep but it’s cool. The hugs and cheek kiss make her lean back for the lips. I would tell you all the rest but it’s dark and my baby gotta work on the morning. That’s crazy……half sleep.

Love ya


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  1. This made me all warm and fuzzy inside ❤️


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