What Does Your Sign Say Out Front?

What Does Your Sign Say? Vacancy? No vacancy? Rent available? For Sale? Foreclosure? Tax sale? Rent with An Option to Buy? Wait, we talking House or Heart?
Before I even do a bit of research on this, I already have clear conclusions. THIS MAY GOOD FOR HOUSES BUT NOT HEARTS!!!

I’m just laying here and I’m thinking, why would you let a person live in a place temporarily and forfeit a permanent purchase? I just need someone present in the interim? Interim or meanwhile means while I’m waiting for something else to happen. Rather we are talking houses or hearts, I’m getting heated.

We buy houses?? What about we buy hearts? They get you for little or nothing because nobody wanted you? Fix you up and sell you for a profit? SOOOOOOOO YOU GOT FLIPPED? Houses ok, hearts NO!!

The only thing about an agreement entitled, “Rent with an Option to Buy,” is the CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF BOTH PARTIES. Both accept the fact that we are together waiting on something else. If by chance you get it together, then we can talk. If something better comes along for either of us, we can forfeit our temporary agreement. I can shut up and sit down if both parties understand and agree.

Homeownership and Heart ownership are two different animals. I can scribble this from the position of the homeowner selling/ renting or the person renting with hopes of buying or NOT.

I always love when people say, “You knew what it was before you got into it!!”
Why would you move into a person’s life knowing that this is not where you want to spend the rest of your life?

Is this an AirBnB or a one night stand? This is the transitory bed and breakfast? Get a good mean and good night sleep in a unique space?
Somehow you have to figure out what does your sign say out front?????

The longer you rent, the more relaxed you become in someone else’s place.
Why would you rent knowing you never had the intent to sell or settle?

We have seen both slum landlords and horrible tenants. We have also seen the process work perfectly whereas the owner and the renter end up happy.

Rent with an OPTION to buy works well in REAL ESTATE but not in MATTERS OF THE “REAL” ESTATE.
This one got me. I thinks it’s because I remember being someone’s OPTION while I thought we were headed to permanent home ownership. I need some feedback on this one. This one was heavy. When you get a chance, talk to me..



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  1. Very well put. 👏. In this day and age people do not value relationships and people feelings and emotions. It’s always what they can get without a option to buy. Anything that you want you have to put work into. Nowadays people do not want to put in the work. They would rather jump from house to house

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