Shoot Your Shot and Shoot Straight

What do I have to lose is the question? Absolutely nothing at all. I refuse to be your secret lover and I am feeling you way to deep to be a secret admirer. D@&$ a secret. I’m making a direct deposit. My shot will be credited to your account and it will be solely up to you how you deal with it.

I have plans on approaching you DIRECTLY in public. Whenever I SEE YOU, it’s on!! I will momentarily block traffic and be an obstacle in your way to capture your undivided attention. I’m going to need answers. I’m not requesting to speak to you in private or entertain the idea of a sidebar. Whoever is in an earshot of our conversation will have an all access pass. Whatever your response, It’s going to have to play out publicly because that is specifically the space I am reserving to love you for the rest of your life.

The way I want to love you cannot be entertained in a booth in the back of a dark lounge or in a shabby, no name hotel on the outskirts of town. Passing pecks, nonchalant winks, hasty hugs, and questionable quickies will not suffice. I won’t let either of us cheapen the magic moments I desire for us to share.
If I can’t hold you until you fall into a deep sleep all night, kiss you till you cry as you lip synch the words, “Thank you God,” on the top of my lips, I refuse to dabble in it. I don’t want you to taste us. I want you addicted to us. It’s ALL or NOTHING over here. If you don’t want ALL, you get NOTHING!!!

I ain’t passing no notes, I ain’t sending a cousin to prime you and I promise I won’t be dancing around in your Dm. I am making a Direct Deposit into you. Scared? For what? Either you will accept the offer or reject. Both are viable options. It don’t take long. What or whoever you consult for assistance in deciding, please summons them quickly. PLEASE, summons them QUICKLY. Your horoscope, rabbit’s foot, ceramic statues, bedroom candles, vibes, gut feelings, Aunt Irene, instincts, or some other quirky superstition, hurry and inquire. Life Awaits us.

We don’t have time to put training wheels on this spaceship and ride as if we’ve never been airborne. It’s either wheels up or we up!! We know scrapes, cuts, scars and bruises but let’s get to riding with the summer wind blowing in our faces, going where we want to and riding with no hands on a summer day!! It’s either or!!!

Either we are taking flight or we are not in the airport at all. I have watched enough flights take off and land. We need our own plane and airline. I’m not interested in slow dancing on the runway of “what if.” We are not returning with half filled luggage with stuff not worn. Let’s wear it all or nothing at all. Let’s triple down on us. We cannot lose. We are the gamble and the Game!!
Let’s not live in the “what if” and “what it might have been.” Let’s live in RIGHT NOW FOREVER!!

We are actually wasting time and a bit behind. Let’s walk and talk. We have frequent flier miles and flight hours to make up. Paris, Africa, Europe and LIFE await us!!! This offer will self destruct in a few moments. #ShotShooterWil

You don’t need additional information, informative consultation, mind boggling contemplation, and confusing reservation. You need to make a decision and before time ru……

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