Shuffling the Deck Late Night

It’s late night, a lot of moving parts and people!! Part of city life is the sound, the sights and the smell!!! Every now and then I just take off to break up the monotony. I break out and go in the opposite direction to force the blood flow in the other direction. Shake things up a bit and shuffle the deck. We lull ourselves into routines that are possibly productive but if we are not careful, they bore the crap out of us. I can hear careful Jittery Jane, “You should be in bed, it’s dangerous out!!” I can hear Scary Steve saying, “ You got no business out this Late.” Shut it!! The same God that made the dark made the light.

Against public opinion, we break out and take the ride downtown. I find a good parking spot and hoof it on foot. If you are going to get City Life, you gotta settle down enough and soak into the fabric. You have to be pumping on all cylinders and at the same time be in cadence with the pulse of every lurking creature that makes up the City landscape.

Bring a jacket this late. The late night winds race through the city like race cars competing for the checkered flag. The wind not only howls but legend has it that the ghosts of yesteryear walk the streets at night seeking revenge and pleading for another chance.

Lace them up tight. This risk, discovery and danger is rolled up into one Philly blunt of an adventure. A night adventure. The only rule is “Don’t stare and Don’t judge!!” Just move through with honor and of course respect. Everybody deserves dignity and respect. No need for flashing jewels and loud colors, we are going stealth tonight and black is the color that lives.

Can you hear it? The bus brakes screeching, horns honking, and people moving in all directions. Bikes wiz by you at lighting speed. Every intersection should have its own name and theme. What seems like a simple walk across the street could quickly turn into a flash mob or a brawl between two drunk lovers at it again. By now, all the people begging with signs have all retired for the night and have secured a nice nook somewhere in the doorway of a building shut down for the night. The city never sleeps and everybody out this late is at least on Red Bull for sure. It’s far more to do here than you have strength so don’t try to keep up. You gotta pace yourself or run the risk of running out of gas prematurely. After ten, nobody speaks. Keep it moving and move with purpose. Be on your way somewhere. It’s the ebb and flow of the town. You need to feel like it, hear it and taste it. It’s the place I call home, San Diego!!!! I’m going to bed.

I love you


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