I Would Die For You

It sounds and seems like the ultimate expression of sacrifice. Question, Are we talking literal or actual/physical checking out here? Whoa, that’s heavy with a capital H!!

I find assistance in understanding by speaking and hearing the words that I recite so let’s try this one on for size shall we?


How many different ways can this be used and understood. We just don’t want to be walking around carelessly spraying the world and it’s Inhabitants with these words do we? This line of love should probably remain encased behind glass like the building fire alarm. The sign should read, “In case of a REAL FIRE, Break Glass!!” Every love is not worthy of glass breaking. This we know.

Can you imagine flinging this around and sprinkling this type of seasoning on every salad? All salads are not created equally and paprika don’t go on everything. This ain’t the Hot sauce that goes on everything. These five words should be housed at the commissioner’s office in Gotham city like the Bat-phone. Don’t summons the winged one unless mayhem has ravished the city streets without remorse. Are we there yet? Are you? I mean are you that in love yet?

It’s an audible expression of your undying love that will result in you really dying? Let’s swish it around and see what floats to the top.

Baby, I would die for you!! Prince added it as a part of the lyrics and title to one of his songs. I’m sure some devout Prince fan and follower is reciting the surrounding lyrics right now to help us put these word into context. Please do in the comment section. I would die for you!! We Rick James fans just simply cut to the chase. I don’t think you would have found Rick on the opposite side of some Mary Jane saying, “I would die for you,” but who knows. Cocaine is a hell of a drug!! “I would die for you,” is a far cry from some FIRE and DESIRE!! (Makes you want to listen to this song too huh?)

Ok let’s get to the mushy stuff. There are levels and depths to Love. I’ve come to understand this over the years. You never know how deep the rabbit hole of passion goes until you fall in. You find yourself helplessly falling and trying to grasp hold to anything on the way down the Abyss of Love.

Look at you!!! Out of control, emotional, and in love with an undeniable smile to prove it. You are sinking and sinking fast. No one can save you. Instead of screaming for help, You scream out, “Baby, I would die for you!!!” Did you mean, I would defend you? I would devise a plan for you? Maybe we heard the “D” wrong? Die? Die as death? I would die with you? How about along side you if we fell off a rollercoaster together? I’m trying to get this…..The BeeGees asked, “How deep is your Love?” How deep is it and is there any way back from a fall that deep?

“Shoot me” is not the line that I visualize coming out of my mouth when we’re at the mercy of an assailant. I’m thinking negotiation. There has to be a plethora of ideas worth of being entertained before we leap straight to that resolve. There’s no wiggle room. Relax, Let’s think this thing through.

Even the most noble of earthly exits with an heavenly escort to boot, and I mean angels in white, chariots and music, I’m still not so sure if I want to take anybody’s place. Although I do love, ladies first.

In short, I think I’ll cry for you, lie for you, pry for you and even sigh but die? I’ll love you to death, until and unto but for? Whew!! That’s heavy but I do love you. Will I be resuscitated if I go for you? How about reincarnated? Rejuvenated? Oh well.

I’m open for observation.



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  1. Oft times we are willing to take that tumble for someone with no reciprocity.

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  2. This hit on another level for me. Very well said and put together, I wanted to keep reading.

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