Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

I was watching a video of a woman walking down the aisle to marry a man she is not in love with. The man who truly loves her is sitting at the wedding but will not open his mouth. The Priest says, “If anyone knows of some reasons why these two should not be wed, SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE!” This jolted and blessed me on so many levels that I had to write about it. I’m addition, it serves as confirmation for why I FREELY say to you how I feel.

Forever is a mighty long time and I can’t wait that long to express to you how I feel. Let me say it again, “Or FOREVER hold your peace.”

It means just that. It’s a sentence with no period. It’s a run on and from the looks of it, it will run through eternity. It’s why I have purposefully removed the filter from my mind, mouth and heart when it comes to you. I wanted to tell you something this morning and we had to hang up early. We disconnected before I could get out. It’s like a furious caged animal that will kill itself or damage the cage if not freed. Words confined in my heart feel like death. To keep me from saying it would me eternal torture. This morning, Five minutes felt like forever. Can I imagine not telling you how much I adore you daily? Perish the thought. You need to know. I refuse to release you into a wicked working world not knowing how your man feels about you. Assurance is my middle name and some things you ought not ever have to question. What I ate for lunch? Ok. If my soul request your presence and my most innermost being reaches for you as soon as I open my eyes? That You need to know!! I can’t wait for FOREVER to tell you. Life is an open window and I be damned if mine or yours will close without you knowing how I feel.

…Or Forever HOLD your peace?

Hold would mean that I would forever have to HOLD in my possession something that belongs to you? NEVER. Would this mean that I would have additional weight and baggage to carry in my heart? Something that belongs to you? I would feel like a thief. It doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to you and I want and need you to have it.

Hey you, Listen to me. When you don’t open your mouth and express how you feel, you have to carry that heaviness and every bit of heaviness it is!!!! The weight of, “If I woulda, coulda, shoulda,” is the luggage that Life will charge you for daily. Gladly, I daily deliver packages of my love and thoughts to the doorstep of your eyes, ears and heart. You don’t even have to sign for it because I’ll know when you got it. I’ll know by the smile on your face. I live to see that smile. Further more, If there is any holding that has to be done, let it be me holding you and not me holding it.

…SPEAK NOW or Forever Hold Your peace?

Until now, I wondered why the Priest chose the words, “SPEAK NOW or forever hold your PEACE?” Now I know. He didn’t say, “Forever hold how you feel.” Rightfully so, he could have. What seems more important to EMPHASIZE and PRIORITIZE is what will be forfeited if you miss your opportunity.

SPEAK NOW!!!! Did you get it? SPEAK NOW!! I wrote it in caps!!!!!! You don’t have tomorrow!! Where is your sense of urgency? This girl or guy is getting married right before your eyes and you are watching the whole debacle play out? “The Love of your Life” is getting ready to make a lifetime commitment because you have not equipped them with the proper information to make an intelligent decision?? I always say, “I made the BEST decision with the information that I had available at that time.” You are at fault if you fail to equip the one you love. We are not born mind readers and it’s a shame that I forced you to read mine. Hell Lip sync it to me on my way down the aisle!! Give me something to work with!! If you sit there staring like a fool with lips sewn together, I can only gather that you condone, sanction and support this. With you and I, this will never happen!!

I will always tell you how I feel. At times, I feel vulnerable and fearful because of past experiences, but I chose this path over not saying anything at all. I can’t protect my heart anymore. If I protect, I guard it and ration it. From now on it’s your job. The whole thing belongs to you.

Lastly, the Priest said, “Speak now or forever hold your PEACE!!”

Your PEACE is what you will lose forever. You will be haunted forever by the “Question, Spirit or Monster of What if!!” A heart that has no PEACE is a miserable HEART!! There is the Biblical peace that passeth all understanding, this is available. That peace also exist when one lives a transparent life. When I look into your eyes and pictures, I see a safe place where I feel welcomed to give the best that I’ve got. The richest soil in the Universe feels like your heart to me. Let’s build and till a rich Harvest of Love that everyone connected to us will be nourished for generations to come.

Can you imagine hearing those words? “Speak Now or forever hold your peace!!

Once the window is closed, for eternity it will remain shut. That is a big pull to swallow my friend.

It’s why I spend my day telling and showing you how much I love you.

I love you



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  1. Being vulnerable brings us close to people we love, we need to know that they’ll catch us when we fall. It’s so reassuring to have somebody’s hand around your waist. Somebody who won’t judge us and will love us unconditionally.

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