Come On and Walk With Me!!

I ran across this spot and I had to stop and take the picture. I see in vision now. I see us. The three greatest words spoken are, “I can see!!” No longer is a person bound to and living off the words, testimony and experience of someone else, but now they can see for themselves. Now I see in living color but with a real interesting twist. I see in advance. Just the other day I said out loud, “You cannot be what you cannot see!!!” If you can’t see it, you can’t be it!! I see us in detail. It’s what I chase after now. I am officially a dream chaser!!!!! I use to think that dreams were the mind’s movie, projected upon the screen of our imagination while we slept, but now I’m dreaming wide awake.

I passed this staircase that leads somewhere. I didn’t go any closer but I assume it leads to the beach because I can clearly see the water in the distance. Wherever it leads, I want it with you. I want to go with you. I want discover, explore, and experience it with you. Whatever is beyond those stairs is our to enjoy together.

Rather it descends and pours out onto a beach of soft warm sand or refreshing oceans waters, I want it with you. Rather it be a soft summer soothing breeze that greets us or the melodic harmony of the waves and birds singing together, I want it with you. Rather it be the comforting massaging rays of the sunshine or the sprinkle, splash and spray of the ocean water that cools us, I want it and I want it with you. I only want it with you.

Sure I could go down a flight of steps by myself, but it’s so much deeper. The immature eye sees stairs and sand. The unromantic sees humid air and hot sand, but the hopeless romantic sees the opportunity to make magic. That’s the problem today. No magic!!! You don’t go and pay to see magic, YOU MAKE MAGIC!!! Man, It’s a magical descent but further more it’s discovery for the both of us. Hear my words baby, a magical discovery of descent to a breathtaking destination. To the novice, they are just steps but with your hand in mine, we will descend like we are on the Love escalator. We are moonwalking without the moon or the movement. We both together taste the unknown and forge a trust, bond and memory forever. It’s why I only want it with you.

Come on and walk with me. I notice that walking together reveals so much about us. We are synchronized in our steps and movement. We flow like the Nile. No herk and jerk and no stutter step. We saunter like we were born doing this. When it’s right, it flows right. (Saunter means to walk in a slow relaxed manner without hurry or effort.) We are different sizes and height but love finds the perfect ebb and flow, plus we look good doing it.

Where these stairs go, I have no clue. What I do know is, wherever they go, I only want to go there with you . God has made this amazingly romantic place for us to explore, shall we?

Let’s walk and talk. I want to listen. There is something wonderful about allowing a person a safe place to comfortably express their innermost thoughts, ideas and dreams. I want to know. I want to give you my undivided attention. I want to hang on to your every word as you paint the picture in your mind. I want to see it.

I see it and I seek to live it but only if you take my hand and walk with me. I only want it with you.

I love you


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  1. Cassandra L Gatewood July 10, 2021 — 2:21 pm

    Absolutely a beautiful read..🔥🔥🔥


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