Six Feet I Remain…

Six Feet I Remain…..

Just come through the pandemic. In the nick of time because I was getting close to my going off limit. Many lessons learned in the distance kept. So sorry for the men and women who missed it all and with eyes closed they probably have slept.

Six feet I remain…

We were forced to keep space between, not touching things, be very careful not to lean. No cure, making sure you don’t catch the virus, shut the whole country down, they even refused to fly us.

Six feet I remain…

It came to and end and I must admit I’m very glad. It’s not for us to forget the tumultuous time that we all had. We lost some loved ones and much respect to the all of those who’ve been through, then all of sudden they tell us that the whole things through.

Six feet I remain…

We went from, if you take your mask of you can die, to you still have your mask on, can you tell me why?

If I wear this mask to kingdom come, it will still remain my decision. Just because you said it’s clear, doesn’t me I have to listen.

Six feet I remain.

I’m still keeping six. It’s because of the distance I have earned, a better understanding and some things that I have learned.

Six feet I remain.

Seventy two inches between me and the rest. Your theory superseded, I will put it to the test.

With six feet, I can see your hands and your shifty eyes. I can shoot holes all through your weak and watered down lies.

Six feet I remain…

With six feet I can sidestep the bull and all the jealous tantrums that you love to spit to me. After this no other haters will ever get close to me. I found out that six feet is really sucker free.

Six feet I remain…

Keep your spitting when you talk, your bumping into me when you walk, your smells and your rumors, your germs and your loser, mentality I really don’t need to see or hear, keep it away from here because I’m better that ever, and I’ll never let a loser get close to me, it’s how it’s supposed to be.

Six feet I remain…

Your negativity that you never cease from raining, your sickening comparisons and your constant complaining.

Six feet I remain….

I’ve learned to entertain myself, keep my mind on my wealth and my health. Six feet I’m telling you I remain. Because of you I’ve learned to live my life and stay in my own lane.

My name is Richard Wilford, Six feet I remain…..

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