Two Words Rightly Spoken

I am in a race. I am trying to write as fast as the thoughts come. Can’t lose the fire and passion. Fingers don’t fail me now.

It didn’t just happen or start with me. Every animal in nature does it in some shape, form or fashion. It’s Male and at the same time Female.

I want to name it, “The Call of the Wild!!” I’ve done it and I’ve had it done to me. It’s “The Call of the Wild!!”

There are two sides to every coin. It’s eerie and endearing, it’s offensive and overwhelming warm, it’s stalker-ish but sexy, its loutish but at the same time loving.

It’s The Call of the Wild!! It’s Two Words that I know you haven’t figured out yet. I know you want me to tell you but I really have a problem with your impatience. Relax. Just walk with me.

He’s sitting on the couch watching TV and you just happened to be walking past, on your way to the room. All of a sudden his attention has been arrested and turned totally away from the Bears on the 2 yards line. It’s the way your housecoat belt dips into your waist and the soft silk fabric sheens from the glow of the television. Could it be the negligent, naughty low neckline? Maybe it’s the way it cascades down and rolls over your curves like caramel over ice cream. What ever it is, he says it. Two words.

It’s when women see him. Not just him but H.I.M. The way he enters the room. His presence noticed well before he makes it any where near her destination. She may be present and engaged at her table with the girls, but her eyes are glued on Mr. Man at two o’clock and quickly approaching. He’s coming this way and the mental checklist has been zoomed through. By himself, smile, hair, jewelry, personality? Check. Shoes and hands will be covered in the handshake planned. Even if she doesn’t say it out of her mouth. As a matter of fact her lips say, “Hello but her body says, ——— ————.” She knows protocol and proper ethics but her mind and heart is willing to skip the general process, take the risk and just say, “_ .”

He notices her through a sea of people within a loud festive celebration. There is much distance between the two of them. The quickest and best way to communicate to her is to lip sync. Not a long litany of words, but two clear and concise words that will be received without confusion or contest. It’s first the eye contact. The look and the relook. Mistake or coincidence? Ruled out because number three look was a stop and stare. The wolves and hyenas are out and he cannot call the tender Doe out into the open and risk her being snatched, so he has to say it and simultaneously move into her direction. He speaks the two word into the Universe and steps towards his prize. You know what he says? “_ __

There are some who might oppose and even declare refusal to respond to such words in their purist form, but if the mood is right, the time right, the tone right, and the person right, they too will yield.

When soaked in care, packed in love, bedazzled in sophistication and spoken in sincere desire and appreciation, these words work.

Disclaimer: Be Careful!!!! If these two words spoken opposite of what I’ve just explained, there are two other words that serve as an antidote for those that use them incorrectly.

Don’t know these words? Ask somebody.

I love you


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