You Smell Like Them…

The nose knows. You can fool my eyes but not my nose. My ears but not my nose. My touch but not my smell memory. I’ve smelled this before. It’s starting to make sense now. Every time I smell this scent, it connects with the memory of the hard to believe story you told be about your whereabouts. I hadn’t heard from you in three hours, the smell. I was over my friends and the smell showed up. I was at the mail and I smelled it. What is this? My nose has memory? You smell like them…

I’m starting not to like the scent because it smells like betrayal. I know it’s not the scent because the scent itself is innocent. The problem is, the more I smell the scent, it making more sense and it’s smelling more like betrayal and since my mind won’t let me deny and explain away the truth, I am forced to deal with the scent they sent you home with. You smell like them…
Imagine that? You didn’t come home, you were sent with a scent!! Like a kindergartner with a note pinned on your back and addressed to me. A note from the parent to the teacher asking to excuse the child’s absense yesterday. Wait, Betrayal in a Bottle? You smell like them…
Stupidity blinded you. You didn’t know? Everything carries a SENT and a SCENT. On your clothes, hands and in your pores. YOU REEK OF ELSEWHERE!! You smell like them and they soaked into you. Where have you been tells in your skin. You sweat them and you smell like them. It’s not the look on your face but it’s their scent that fills this space. I hate that scent. It’s the scent of lies.
I could walk into a room completely blindfolded and find THEM. I’ve been in close proximity before. This is when you make the endangered species list. I was at church, in the mall and hugged by someone you introduced me to as a co-worker or fellow saint. The contact made contact with my memory. Wait, In my car, on my couch and covers, and in my hallway. How does she or he get on me? They were on you and now they are on me? It’s one thing for the scent to be on you but now me? You smell like them…

Now here you sit, pleading with me that I betray my nose? Nostril betrayal? The same nose that I depend on to smell something fishy, if I’m musty and smoke while I’m sleep? I lean heavy on this snout!! Did you know you can tell a lie and smell a lie? I guess not. Let me get this right. To cover your misstep, you would prefer I buy the lie and sell my nose for a cheaper price? I think not. This nose knows a sweet smelling rose, hoes, rats and fake bros. You smell like them…

To add insult to injury, you purchased me a perfectly wrapped gift with cologne/ perfume inside. The name of the fragrance was “Them.” You want me to wear it to mask your whereabouts? Now I smell like WE? I think not. Here is the kind hint, warning and heads up that I lovingly extend. You smell like them…Shots fired?….shots landed….Please respond accordingly…This is helping someone.
I love you



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  1. Reminds me of Twilight Saga 🦊

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