Let’s Take A Walk

Slow down!!! You are moving entirely too fast!! What’s the rush? The temperature is 73 and rising to amazing by noon time. Come on and walk with me. The cool ocean breeze is to our back and it’s ushering us down into the nucleus and center of the City. The aroma of outdoor grilling served up nice by the vendors decorate the warm summer air with scents that are to die for. Go ahead, close your eyes, lay your head back and take a slow deep breath in. Hold your arms out as far as you can reach and then exhale all of your worries and headaches away!! Shake yourself if you must but free you from the expectation of where you need to be, what you need to be doing, what you look like or what others might think. The only thing that matters is YOU right now. You take care of everybody else. You watch for, care for and work to make sure everybody else is ok but not you. Take this moment and be absolutely selfish. Allow the breeze to seep into your pores!!! Lay your head back and allow your face and skin to absorb the therapeutic healing rays of the sun, beaming down like precision lasers programmed to annihilate every ounce of stress and worry from your body and your soul. Be a human solar panel. Open up and take it all in. As you stand there, feel God transform the sun rays into an electrical internal power. Say it with me, “I’m phenomenal!! I’m looking at you and you are glowing, your skin radiating. Don’t worry about the people passing by, you are here for a whole different reason. You are perfecting your GLOW!!

Look down this street!! Look around. Let go of your fears and inhibitions and let them fly like a kite in the wind. If you hear music, Dance like the palms trees!! Listen to the sounds. Is it the white water waves crashing against the shore? Is it the birds chirping? The children playing? The cars and buses? Is it the jet turbines from the nearby airport terminal? It’s a big city concert and you are the guest soloist! Your part is fast approaching. Don’t miss your cue!! You can dance, sing, run, skip, spin in circles, and even turn flips in the grass. It’s your thing.

You can always take a seat on the bench and do like I do, people watch. There is so much to learn and appreciate by just sitting and observing others.

Let’s take a walk.

Pick any street. Go in any direction. You can’t go wrong. All roads lead to your happiness, enjoyment and fulfillment. Greek town is this way. The Gaslight district is that way. The Ballpark is over there and delicious outdoor dining is everywhere. Rooftop bars with blue pools and dancing are this way and the wild stuff is over here. It’s absolutely up to you.

You will run out of energy long before this town runs out of things to do. Buckle up Buttercup!! Have at it!! Take one step off this curb and watch your life change forever. All roads lead to your happiness, enjoyment and fulfillment. Let’s take a walk.

I love you



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  1. This was amazing! A reminder to release those fears and truly enjoy and absorb what is around me. Very well done pulling the reader in immediately.

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  2. one day I hope I will be in a space where I can take a walk… and breathe!!!! more like exhale!!! take the time to reflect and release and bask in all of Gods glory….

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  3. I love taking walks, they help clear my mind and improve mood swings.

    The image in your post reminds me of West Palm Beach, FL. The palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze and the lovely blue sky with the sun shining bright, it’s a sight worth enjoying. The fragrance of French fries in food-street gets me hungry 🙂

    It’s autumn in our side of the world though, the summer was too long and scorching hot this year!

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