Somebody Stole Me

The strangest thing just happened. You are supposed to say,”what.” Somebody just stole me. The alarm went off at 3:30 am. I heard it but when I cracked the seal on my bed cover cocoon, I was met with the unwelcoming bite from Mr. Freeze. It’s cold out there. Why is it so cold in this room? I can’t even imagine how disrespectful it is outside if it’s this cold in this room. It’s pitch black in here and it feels like the air is frozen. I tell myself to press through it and get up anyway.

Somehow, I woke up again to the alarm ringing. This time it’s 4 am. I thought I woke up already? I know I gave strict orders for me to ignore the cold and get up anyway. Were my orders not followed? Did someone disobey a direct order from the Commanding Officer? God forbid. The consequences are unbearable for anyone to dishonor. To violate would be tragic. So why is it that I am waking up twice? There is no light on, my body is not dressed and I am still under these covers thirty minutes later? I can only conclude with the only rational answer feasible for an action such as this could be, somebody stole me.

I ignored the cold, I pressed my way through and got out the bed. At some point, and it’s not clear yet, but between brushing my teeth, making the bed and dressing, someone had stolen me. Now I lay here freezing and forced to get up and out Into this Alaskan morning cold.

People can be so disrespectful.

I still love you


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