Sacred Secrets

It was something she said. I don’t know about you but I did it just because she said it. She called and I responded quickly. I know it shouldn’t be afforded to everyone but at least one person on earth should have that type of influence on you. I don’t know if it was the finger pointed at me and beckoning me to come or the seductive way she looked at me with her eyes as she said, “Come here, I want to tell you something.” I love it for so many reasons. Call me a weirdo but when the right person calls, it should excite you.

Maybe she likes the power? Maybe this is a chess move? There is a difference between offense and defense. She’s playing her hand and I like it.

Maybe it’s the towering thing. No, I KNOW it’s the towering thing. They like looking up into your eyes. Maybe it’s The King Kong and Damsel in distress thing. The Superman and Lois Lane thing. I’m not ruling anything out but I know I’m not wrong. I’m taller than her. Maybe she likes the way I come closer and tower over her in a mammoth type way. Maybe it’s the way my massive frame eclipses the sunlight around her when I move close. She asked for it so it’s my duty to deliver. I’m purposely getting too close and invading her space . I play it off like I’m clumsy wink wink. I’m downtown Chicago and she’s a gullible tourist. I’m Mount Wilmore and she’s simply a novice climber with no safety harness. I’m the sleeping Grizzly Bear and she has a stick in her hand poking me. I’m the chocolate avalanche prepared to come crushing down on her at any moment but she’s willfully placing herself in harms way.

When I get to her, I bend down to listen. She purposely tucks her chin inside the open collar of my jacket and shirt. Her face finds the hypnotic Scent of my cologne coupled with a warm rush of my body heat greeting her facial complexion. I know it’s getting to her because she pauses and takes a few deep breaths before she speaks. Maybe this is more than a secret shared. In my naivety, I believed it to be words in the outset but the fact that her right hand rest comfortably on my chest suggest that she’s conveying an additional message that requires my immediate attention.

You don’t have to touch to talk but I’m an open book of Bavarian braille ready to be read by the skimming over of your fingertips. Read, interpret and comprehend me, please!! She has slipped the bit and bridle over my head and into my mouth like an untamed and undisciplined mare. I’m broke and under her control or at least she thinks so.

Pay attention people!! I told you this was chess not checkers. She has me in the cobra clutch with instant access to my ear gate but unbeknownst to her, I have slipped my stronger hand around to the base and small of her back and now I have her whole core in a submission hold but she has no clue. I could pin her for a three count at any moment but I let her slide. I feel her tippy-toeing and leaning into me. My right ear is safely cupped within the palm of your left hand and your right hand is free-feeling and chest muscle checking. An innocent bystander may look and mistakenly assume that I have the advantage like David to Goliath but this is really Sampson and Delilah. Words wielded correctly have the power to slay the giant and get the secret of my strength without the swinging of a sword.

She pulls me in close enough that I can feel her lips lightly graze my ear intermittently. This is clearly an expert at work. She has cracked the code and combination to my soul without picking the lock. I feel her heated whisper long before a hear anything. I’m already saying yes long before she even gets to anything that sounds remotely like a question. She could be saying, “You know, I hate you,” and I would still be smiling and nodding. I would ask why just so she could keep whispering. I’m a sucker for her sacred secret. What she is saying and what I am hearing are probably two different things but it’s ok because I’m gonna ask her to repeat it anyway for pleasure sake. My hearing goes and comes conveniently. Now, I’m smelling her scent and losing consciousness and control. This is worse than the blue and red pill mixed with mojo and gypsy juice. Is that the scent of a cherry Lifesaver? I’m mumbling like I speak a foreign language and why are my eyes closed and rolled into the back of my head? Come on man get it together.

Maybe it’s the trust in sharing confidential information? E level classified information. What did she whisper? If I told you, I’d have to kill you. Real men don’t whisper and tell anyway. This was for my ears and my ears only.

Her mission is complete. She has delivered the top secret message but I have no desire to break this huddle. I feel I need more information. I love her sacred secrets. Tell me again!! Use words with heavy H’s!! Hey, howdy, hark, hear, hello, halfway!!! I have no clue how these could work in a sentence but at least try!! Something is really wrong with you and I.

Dear Sir, Don’t miss the underlying message. If she calls you, don’t say, “Huh? What? Say it from there!! I can hear you from in here!! Wait a minute!! I’m watching the game!!

You will have missed out on the opportunity to hear her whisper her sacred secrets!!

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  1. Songs of Richard (Solomon) 2021 version!
    This immediately reminded me of a favorite song. Interestingly expressed and beautifully written!

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  2. Intriguing and very captivating. The expressive passion in this piece is exciting. The hidden messages keep the reader wanting more. 👍🏿

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  3. Wow! Talk about pulling the reader in immediately. This was a hot one Wilford. Classy and as she tucked her chin in and got a whiff of the cologne, I can envision all of that.

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  4. This was well written! The allegory you created was well placed — EXCELLENT WORK!

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