She Became The Reflection

I ran as fast and as far as I could with the wind blaring in my ear and tears running down my face. My heart rate high and my breathing are well beyond that which was normal. Through the dense dark wooded forest of life I ran. Every branch and leaf felt like evil arms reaching, pulling and grabbing to hold on to me. I fight with all my might to break through for what seemed like forever, until the path opened up to what looked like a lake. There I fell right at the water’s edge in extreme exhaustion. My knees sinking into the sand and my hands in the water. I stared into the water as the sweat dripped from my face into the water. As my breathing slowed, the water began to settle. It was then that I saw it. My own reflection and an additional figure along side mine but slightly behind. It was Love. She showed up but at my worst. I could feel it long before I saw it on the water’s surface, her reassuring hand on my shoulder. It was Love. She became the reflection.
The depths of loneliness have still yet to be told. A glimpse here and there but loneliness in it’s true darkness, has still not been unearthed. Words fail in sincere attempts to explain how dark dark can actually get. It’s so dark that begins to brighten and blend in with the normal. It is why it’s so difficult to detect. I No more loneliness has a favorable ring to it.

It wasn’t my first experience with loneliness. I remember the holiday season at work. The plant has the feel of abandoned building and ghost town. I had never felt this machine so still and quiet, erie at best. Someone suggested, Why don’t you go home? The words from my own mouth shocked my own ears and heart. I replied, “I don’t have anyone to go home to.” It freed me to say it but crushed me to hear my truth. I went into the men’s room to wash my hands and as I reach for the paper towel dispenser to retrieve a towel, I glanced into the mirror and there she was. A comforting presence hovering over my shoulders. It whispered, “You will never be alone again.” It was LOVE. She became the REFLECTION. I left an hour later.
What is it about the morning mirror in your bathroom? It always tells the truth. “Mirror, Mirror over my sink, tell me what the hell you think.” I bow my face over into the sink as the hot water runs. I submerge my face towel under the running water as the steam rises and soothes my face. I wring out the towel, lean back and rest the towel covering my face. A mini facial steam bath it is. As I drag the towel down over my face, I simultaneously lean into the mirror for an answer. What will I see as my eyes raise above the edge of the warm towel? I’m hoping for the best. Mirrors don’t lie but I am trying to convince myself to think positive. Hopefully it will affect the outcome. “Mirror, mirror staring right at me, tell me what the hell you see!!
I exhale into the towel with a moan!!!! Just give it to me straight…..
As I gaze into the mirror, the steam has coated the mirror. It has purchased me more time. The steam clears and the mirror speaks. “Mirror, mirror, don’t play with me. Go ahead, just lay it down, What specific things about me have you found?
Normally there would be a collage of pictures, thoughts, and memories of past experiences that pass through my mind but this time it was different. When the steam dissipated and the picture developed, she was standing there. With a loving smile and glowing presence. I said to myself, “Loneliness doesn’t live here anymore. She became the reflection in the mirror.”
“Mirror mirror, My wish came true, there use to be one but now there are two.”She became the reflection.

If someone shows up in your dreams, honest moments and reflections, it could be God resolving your loneliness.
I love you #MirrorWhispererWIL


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  1. I can relate to this in so many ways. Takes me on a journey and proves that what comes to dreams may be true. Thanks for this on this amazing day!

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this. It resonated with me so much. Felt like my own words.
    Love, peace, and blessings

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