I Just Want To Come HOME2U

I don’t mind leaving, it has to happen. I’ve never been a bed dweller, a linen lurker, a comforter casualty, or a pillow player. When the alarm rings, I’m rising. Every now and then I appreciate the loving elbow and nudge of encouragement from your side of our cozy bed. I don’t mind working through the bodily aches and pains that come with the morning dew of rolling out of the bed. I don’t mind the initial glare of the bathroom’s bright lights.

Honestly, I just want to come HOME2U…

I don’t mind the shuffle in the dark for my socks through a disheveled dresser drawer. I don’t mind matching socks in a dark room. I don’t mind quietly gathering my wallet, car keys, coat and bag and walking out of our comfortable room where I know you are resting peacefully…

Believe me, I just want to come HOME2U.

I don’t mind tiptoeing through the kitchen and living room with tempting smells of the delicious meal that we had last night. I don’t mind turning the cold door knob that gives me access to the bitter cold world that awaits me. I’ll willfully leave the safety and warmth of our humble abode but…

Seriously, I just want to come HOME2U.

Believe it or not, I don’t mind the winter cold. I don’t mind scraping off the snow and ice from the frozen windshield with my numb hands. I don’t mind waiting for this cold car to warm up enough to operate it…

Without a doubt, I just want to come HOME2U.

Against popular belief, I don’t mind driving through the crazy morning traffic with unhappy motorist and dissatisfied crazy car drivers who experience road rage. I don’t mind if every stop light catches me, if there’s a police on every corner or if they all drive like blind bats. I’ll just wade right through it with a smile knowing that…

Without hesitation, I just want to come HOME2U.

I don’t mind putting up with 8 to 12 hours of disgruntled employees, incompetent supervisors, lazy coworkers and ignorant people who complain about everything and make my job harder….

4RealDoe, I just want to come HOME2U.

I don’t mind sitting in the lunchroom eating a cold salami sandwich, an old apple, a smashed Hostess cupcake, stale Cheetos out of an overpriced vending machine and a Coca-Cola that has long lost its fizz…

On my Momma, I just want to come HOME2U

I don’t mind watching the clock tick ever so slowly as if it has Alzheimer’s or someone has poured glue on the hands. I’ll wait patiently and look forward to this day coming to an end because…

No lie, I just want to come HOME2U.

I don’t care where they send me. I’ll go toad catching in Tibet, snake charming in Sri Lanka, Whale wrestling in Ireland and even walrus breeding in The Micronesian islands. I’ll farm alligators in the bayou and even bedazzle angry tortoise shells in the jungles of Panama. At the end of my shift and at the end of the day…

On my kids, I just want to come HOME2U.

Somebody’s lying. Who doesn’t want to go home to somebody? Who doesn’t want to walk into a loving home and be received by people who love and adore you? The coldest criminal nor the meanest person in the world desires that. All I know is…

On everything I love, I just want to come HOME2U.

When it’s clock out time, I’m leaving it all. I’ll drive my car with the speed of a Nitrogen rocket ship headed towards outer space. The closer I get to our street, I’ll be smiling. Whatever went wrong at work, I’m leaving it right where I found it. I’m fixing my face, my heart and my mind in preparation of seeing you. I have to be honest, It’s not that I don’t like last minute honey do’s on the way home, I’m just in a rush because…

On my Aunt Helen, I just want to come HOME2U

The greatest part of my day is kissing you on the way out the door and walking back into that same door to kiss you again.

Clearly, I just want to come HOME2U

I love you



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  1. So descriptive and well paced! Beautifully written!

    Liked by 1 person

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