I Look At Your Picture Different…

I know we are all looking at the same picture, but I look differently. They see the absolutely astonishing way the camera froze an image of you in time. In one click, time stood absolutely still and the whole world has to come to a complete halt to admire your beauty. The magnificent authority exercised in forcing life to come to a complete stand is still mind blowing to me. Guess who was standing and looking flawless? You.

I look at your picture different…I do

This may sound weird but I really do look at your picture different. As much as it may be a still photograph, I swear it moves the more I stare at it. This may trip you out but the picture that I look at, If I look long enough, it talks to me and I can really hear your voice. Your smile tells me how good you feel today. Your eyes tell me how you really feel about me. Of course, I know you’ll say I’m imaging things but it’s my picture so please allow me to have my moment.

I look at your picture different… Really I do

I’m in love with the person in the photo. Because you are smiling, guess what? I’m smiling. It’s like your eyes are looking straight through me and I become vulnerable and open to you. I love it when you smile. Your joy transfers from that picture straight through to my heart. You are a photographer’s dream. Nature celebrates when you take pictures outdoors!! It gets a chance to be in the photo with you. I bet everything in the background of your picture fights for bragging rites just because they made the shot with you. I bet the flowers and sun are on their best behavior when you’re outside. I actually saw the colors in the flowers brighten when you were near. The birds are singing, “Please take a picture with me!!” I can’t say I don’t know how the world feels because I feel the same way with you.

I look at your picture different..Promise I do

If the picture “of” you takes my breath away, then the picture “with” you puts me on life support. I honestly never knew a picture could satisfy and supply so much in your absence. It’s my company keeper, my promise keeper, and my heart completer. Your picture keeps me believing, hoping and dreaming. You are my porn with your clothes on. I can smell you, taste your lips and feel your skin, all by simply staring at your picture.

I look at your picture different…Honest I do

Don’t judge me but at times, I kiss your picture. Once I took a picture with me kissing your picture. Too extreme? Not for me. In the words of Christopher Williams, “Don’t Wake me, I’m Dreaming!!” I haven’t danced with a picture of you but I have danced for you. (delete that from your mental Rolodex.)

I look at your picture different….Well I do

Let’s not talk about your pictures on social media!! When I see a new picture of you and you are smiling, I swear you are posing for me. I have sat your picture down and walked past it and your eyes follow me. You digging me and I know it. You don’t have to admit it, I know you are smiling for me. Even your pics with anybody else, I lovingly crop them out in my mind because I know this one’s for me. I’m honestly not even thinking about your crew!! I just see you, you are my Boo and I am into you. I must admit every picture of you, you didn’t send. I gathered my own collection. I know that sounds over the top but I’m a damn fan and I’m in love.

I look at your picture different..Definitely I do

I not only look at your picture different, I look at your old pics. I see the youthful you and wonder what it would be like to hold, kiss and love you then. I know you say it’s an old pic and you see all of your flaws, but that’s not what I see. I look beyond the era, the location and style of yesterday. I look beyond the setting and even your size. I look at your picture different. I look back and wonder in amazement at the young person you were and wish I could have saved you, sheltered you and been there to love you all of those years up until right now.

I look at your picture different..Clearly I do

I know you say that you weren’t the same person then that you are right now but I say, “Give me her then and let me love her up until right now!!” You were thicker? More to hug!! Your face was fatter? The juicer the kiss!! What you don’t understand is I see you now and if the prize is you NOW? Give me that crazy rollercoaster journey you took to get here.

I look at your picture different..Truthfully I do

It’s my picture and I look at it different. I could delete it but I would just go back and get it. I look at your pic……well, you understand.

I love you,


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