Give a Go at It!!

I thought I’d give a go at it. I haven’t been up at this hour in a while and considering the last twenty four hours I’ve just had, you’d think I’d be craving for a deep sleep. I think there are two things at work simultaneously. I am hungry for God to use me and move in a mighty way. I can sense HE is up to something.

Something’s BREWING. I’m not sure but if this term was referring to coffee and how do you know it’s brewing, the answer is, YOU CAN SMELL IT!!!! Hot water baptizing and purging the flavor from ground coffee beans is a real picture. Grind and purge me Sir!!!! Somebody needs what we have!! Coffee doesn’t drink itself!! It’s for the benefit and pleasure of someone else.

My appetite, hunger and thirst to succeed is returning. Lest I waste my time on where, at what point and when did I lose it, I’m just glad it’s back and with a vengeance. Like dilated pupils wide open, I am open to receive direction, inspiration and wisdom from God. Maybe it’s why I love being alone with God in the darkness? I am in a posture to receive every ounce of light that is emitted. That same light fills me and informs me.

I swear to you I feel sent. Like the nocturnal gecko with eyes larger than its brain, let me receive more and think less. It’s not the driving play of the day but between you and I, they are watching. Rather it be to watch me take a horrible spill that they will celebrate or succeed, I’m not sure. I cast my vote for the latter. I’m hoping that you are voting in the affirmative as well. Let’s give them something to talk about. Something good that is!!!

Conformity is suicidal. If everyone forgets your purpose and who you are, you can never. I too must continually keep it before me and never become complacent. I must take advantage of every day afforded to me. There is no time to waste. Minutes wasted are spilled seconds that will never return.

The last seven years of my life and it’s accomplishments can all be a credited to a 3am meeting established by the Master. Thank you for welcoming me back to the darkroom. I’ve missed you Lord. I know there’s not a good excuse for my absence and I actually don’t even want to hear me make an attempt at it. Let’s just proceed from here.

Thank you for the dark, quiet space of solitude. Like a country boy misses the chirping of crickets in the swamp, I miss the sound of silence. People don’t believe me but silence has a distinct ring to it. I remember when I would fear it but now I still crave it. I find you there, the Light in darkness. You have carried and covered me all of my life and I thank you for it.

Even though I have requests, wants, needs and desires, I know you have purposed expectations for me. I am sure this is not a trade off of good and services or a bad bartering idea. I will simply and quietly lay my Christmas list at your feet and back out on my way to do your will and work assigned to me. On second thought, I’ll place it in your hand because I need the assurance of knowing that you have it and know about it. You know all things!! Even before I thought about it, you knew it!! You know my thoughts from afar off!! Keep me in the interim!!

I just thought I’d give a go at it!!



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  1. Maureen Williams May 25, 2022 — 11:18 am



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