God is Bigger Than Your Box!

At the end of this month, I will be celebrating 16 years of pastoring, and 28 years of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many people do not know, that I was not raised in church. Even though we were not consistent church attenders, I was exposed to God at an early age.

After all these years of being baptized, saved, a deacon, choir member, associate minister, and Pastor, I have some observations now, that I didn’t have before.

My observation is, GOD IS BIGGER THAN YOUR BOX.

I was not raised in church, so as an adult believer, there were several things I did not know about church. I didn’t learn what the holes in the back of the pew were, until after I was pastoring for some time. I use to just stick my fingers in the holes for fun. I really didn’t understand why, the deacons would pull that small house out, during offering, and turn the light on? You really don’t want to know what I thought. It was a long time before I found out, what the letters “IHS”stood for, on church furniture. Out of all that I didn’t know, I did know that prior to my adult life, I was exposed to the works of God. This enabled me to see God in a different way, than some who were raised in church. This may help some people understand why I am somewhat different in my approach and view, of ministry and church.

Before I was saved, I was exposed to all types of music. We listened to Jazz, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, and Hip-Hop. My father and grandfather would listen to tunes in our basement, while we jammed right along with them. We owned a tambourine, a set of souvenir maracas from Jamaica, and one bongo. On any given day, when dad turned the music on, it was a jam session. We danced and sang all night. Music was always right in our house. I think GREAT MUSIC can only come from God. I learned that at home, not in church. Church suggested that the only right music was Gospel music, and that listening to all other music would land you in Hell. GOD IS BIGGER THAN YOUR BOX.

Another discovery I made was, God is not confined to the four walls of the church. Some people act like God is on punishment and cannot come outside the church building. GOD IS BIGGER THAN YOUR BOX. I met God outside the church. Actually, I met Him through his creation. When we were children, we played outside. You can learn a lot about God outdoors. The season changes, the colors, the leaves and acorns, the cold air, the summer breeze and heat, the bugs and butterflies, the Mosquitos and lightening bugs, all of which were early introduction to a Majestic God. It was outside, that I was able to look up and see a clear blue sky and declare, there must be a God up there. I did not meet Him in church or in Sunday school, I knew of him outside the box of church.

And then finally, There are actually wonderful people outside the church. Because people don’t go to church, does not necessarily mean that they bad people. There are just as many loyal, kind, faithful, sweet, loving people outside the church, than there is in attendance on Sunday mornings. I believe everybody needs Salvation offered through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, but to simply say, that the only good people are inside the building would be a mistake. GOD US BIGGER THAN YOUR BOX.

I am simply saying, God is so much bigger than we try to minimize Him to be. Why not let God be God, and just enjoy Him?

Stay saved my friend!!

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