IN BETWEEN HAIRSTYLES: THE TROUBLE WITH TRANSITION!! This is a funny example I hope you can understand. Transition is space and time in-between where I’m leaving and where I’m on my way to. I have really long way to go, but I’ve come too far to turn around. It’s the moment a woman decides she no longer wants the short “Halle Berry style and cut,” and desires to have her length back. She has to go through a transition period. Her hair is not short or long, now it “In-between.”A woman cannot grow her hair from long to short, it happens with a quick cut. To grow hair, it takes time. It’s the waiting period that becomes the tough part.Transition is defined as movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another.

The UGLY PART about transition is how you are viewed by three different sets of people.

The first group are the people WHO KNOW YOU and watch you in transition. This group has seen you on your better days. Your short hairstyle was sleek, fun, fierce, and sexy. You were focused, confident, powerful, and assertive. This “new you,” is confusing everybody. You like you don’t know what you are doing. You look confused, indecisive, and probably not as organized as you have in times past. You want to wear a hat or the t-shirt to answer the confused look on familiar faces but it wouldn’t do any good. The people that you thought knew you, don’t know what’s going on with you? Remember, You are in transition.

The second group of people that observe you in transition, are the people WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT YOU. This is the group who simply meet you for the first time,

“In-between hairstyles.” Whatever it looks like, wherever you are living, whatever you are driving, whatever job you are working, they ASSUME this is what or where you have always been. They also conclude that you are happy and satisfied looking like this. Now, you become overwhelmed with the temptation to pull out past pictures of what you looked like prior to this. Your story will sound like a good lie. Remember, you are in transition. We like books, hate to be judged by our covers, especially when our cover is in transition.

The ugly part about transition is how it is periodically viewed by the individual who is in transition. Even though it was your idea to let your hair grow out. You still struggle at the half way point. Rather others judge us or not, we hate looking messed up. It’s not what others say, but it’s what you see and say to yourself when you look in the mirror. I have a few recommendations while you go through your transition.

First, remind yourself to be patient. You cannot grow hair back overnight, and weaving it while you wait may prove to be more of a setback than a cover-up.

Secondly, remember why you are in transition in the first place. Envision your hair at its desired length and the new hairstyles you will be able to wear. Constantly reflect on the desired goal and the wonderful feeling that you will experience when you arrive at your planned length or goal.

Thirdly, on your worst day, don’t quit,

Wear a hat (if you just have to.)

Of course, this blog is not really about hair. This is really about the transitions we go through in life. Many people that I talk to, “in transition,” are frustrated and sometimes even embarrassed because of what their present situations look like to them and to others.

The biggest problem I see is, the frustration experienced from being overly concerned with what others think, your personal impatience during the process, and the lack of trust and credit by those who claim to know me. STAY FOCUSED.

One day you will be able to post, LONG HAIR-DON’T CARE, instead of SHORT HAIR- WILL SCARE!! BE PATIENT!!

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  1. Transition takes time and is often difficult to begin. However, it is truly necessary if you desire a different outcome, growth and change.

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