Do Yourself a Favor, Take a Walk By Yourself at Night!!

  I love taking walks at night. Tonight is the night for me. The sun has gone down and God in his infinite wisdom has turned down the thermostat of the day’s heat and allowed the cool night’s breeze to blow through the leaves of the trees and across my face. As I walk alone tonight, I am attempting to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. I am walking and writing at the same time. It seemed like a great idea since I enjoy writing and walking. I guess walking at night is safe enough that I won’t walk into oncoming traffic. The extra blessing is that I am able to do it without the interference of additional walkers in my group. Its just me and it’s peaceful and quiet. I can hear cars passing by in the distance. The nearest sound to me the is bugs buzzing in the woods and the sound of my flip flops flip flopping along. Who had that great idea? Let’s call them flip flops! I have concluded that there is no such thing as a bad idea. If flip flops can make somebody rich, there must be an idea worth something in my head. Like a rummage sale, something here has to be of some worth. Pursue it and don’t forget to cut me a check when you get rich. There are a few reasons why I think everybody should take a night walk by yourself every now and then.

1. When you take a walk at night. If affords you the opportunity to look up into the sky and quickly recognize that there must be a GOD in charge. There is something humbling about walking outside by yourself, looking up, and audibly saying, “Thank you Lord.” There is no one around to convince or impress. This is where the line is drawn between REALITY and INSANITY. If you are walking and talking to yourself, it’s INSANITY. If you are walking and talking with GOD, then you are simply walking in the REALITY that the God we serve is at least in hearing distance , even though we can’t see HIM. 

The second reason why I believe everybody should take a night walk is GRATEFULNESS. A night walk almost feels like life has been suspended for a moment. It gives me the chance to reflect on my life and the day that just blew by. While I am walking I say, “Thank you Lord, for things being as well as they are.” They actually could be so much worse. I am walking in peace, at my own pace, and it feels great. I’m walking without assistance and on my own two feet!! You actually don’t have to wait for things to get better to praise God. You can truly praise Him for things being as well as they are right now, at this very moment.  

Thirdly, I think I night walk sets you up for a good night sleep. It’s the precursor to bringing a close to a lengthy day. A day filled with ups and downs, good and bad. Whatever has transpired within this day, one thing is for sure, it’s over. For some unlucky person, ending this day seems to be the best news that can be squeezed out if it. It is true, nothing sets you up better for an all nighter in La-la land like a hearty night walk of reflection and appreciation.  

I am really not the night walker expert /guru. I am simply suggesting that a walk before bed might do you some good.

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