Life and The Dance Floor!!
The Dance Floor!! Check it out!! Take a walk out there on it. You remember, Its a designated place for putting it down. It’s possibly a 10×10 space open for throwing one’s inhibition to the wind and releasing the cares that weigh one down, away all within the rhythm of a 3 minute jam. This is not my “Ode to the Dance Floor,” but instead, I want to show the likeness of Life to it and possibly answer a life long question always asked, but only within the confines of said place. The question that many men have asked in dimly lit places of potential but yet only met with rejection. “Why did you come here, if you didn’t want to dance?”

Here are a few interesting answers we come across. 


In my daughter’s voice, Really Dad? Did you notice that the configuration of the place is set up surrounding the DANCE FLOOR? This makes it the central focus of the entire room. All the chairs are aimed to draw you toward the place where magic happens. Did you not hear the volume of the music meant to serenade and lure you to the”Get down space?” Zapp and Roger Troutman wrote a song called, “Dance Floor” and I understand why. It deserves a song of its own. Instead you say, “I didn’t come here to dance.” Besides the fact that you are dressed to par, enjoying and staring at others already dancing, and even dancing so hard in your chair that you might as well be on the floor, you still contend, “I didn’t come here to dance?” Did I mention the look on your face that says, “Somebody please ask me?” Our question is and remains, “What did you come here for?” Here is what I have learned.

In life, some people wake up and show up daily, but have no real desire to Live!! Like the Dance Floor, some have stepped out on the floor of life only to declare, I only want to exist not to LIVE!! Life is to be lived. 

Midnight Star wrote a song called, “No Parking On The Dance Floor!!”  Just don’t stand there, dance! There are no seats and no one is seated on the DANCE FLOOR. LIVE while you are alive because when you are dead, the records don’t play as well and the radio reception is bad in the grave.

Secondly, some people seem to get more joy out of watching others live it. LIFE was not made to be a spectator sport, but to be enjoyed by all.


Short answer? Stay at home! Why kill everybody else’s mood because your somber sulking slump?

Maybe in addition to pat downs at the door, they can ask along with I.D. “What did you come here for?” It would save the fellas a lot of time and energy!! Lesson: It’s not my job to cheer you up!! I didn’t pay to get in to be your counselor!! 

GET IT TOGETHER BEFORE YOU COME IN HERE OR STAY AT HOME!! We came here to get it in!! You are not the only one in the world with issues. If someone asks, “How are you doing?” This is not your invitation to take up a whole album of time sharing your sad story over “Jamaica Funk and Tequila Sunrises.” This moment for many is a “pause for the cause!” Don’t be responsible for messing up everybody’s magic moment because of your temporary bout with the blahs!! Shake it off home girl!! Fix your face and enjoy the night!!


 While you forfeit the opportunity to dance with me in the limelight of the flashing light show, you would rather takes your chances being seen sitting on this stationary bar stool, on the dark side of the room, surrounded by people moving, drinking, and laughing, while the whole thing is camouflaged with enough cigarette smoke to conceal a military jungle attack? If you really want to be seen, I recommend the Dance Floor!! Everybody pays attention to the Dance Floor. 

Lesson: Those that get chosen to dance are probably seated, standing next to, or in the near vicinity of the DANCE FLOOR. We don’t bother those sitting furthest from the Floor. In layman terms, Ain’t nobody coming way back here to ask your crazy stalker staring self to dance! It’s cold dark and scary back here and you can’t even feel the music back here. There is nothing back here but extra chair, tables and coats. It feels more like a setup to be robbed than an invitation to dance. Look, if you want some? Come get some!!

In closing, Life is like the Dance Floor!! Just don’t stand there, DANCE!!

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  1. Get yo groove on! LOL!
    Great blog!

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