Making “ME-Time” Mandatory!! 

Making “ME-Time” Mandatory!!

I met somebody new and refreshing today. It’s not that I don’t always meet wonderful people, but this is someone I really believe you should meet. I want to introduce you to my new found friend called, ME-time.  

I know HE-time(GOD), SHE-time(significant other), and even WE-time(family and friends),but I have never met anyone as life changing as ME-time. I have never learned and enjoyed the value and beauty of ME-time until now.

HE-time, SHE-time, and WE-time are MANDATORY but I want to discuss the importance of ME-time.  

HE-time(GOD) is IMPERATIVE. GOD EXPECTS IT and you will enjoy it.

SHE-time(significant other) is a must. You cannot a build a strong meaningful relationship with people you don’t spend quality time with.  

WE-time(family and friends) is essential for a balanced life of growth and love. 

HE-time, SHE-time, and WE-time will all contend for space and time in your life. ME-time struggles because it has the soft spoken voice that never gets heard. As a matter of fact, ME-time is the shy, insecure, passive voice. ME-time says, “When you are done with everybody else, and you have no other obligations, consider me.” ME-time is like the meek and timid -Cinderella, who humbly gives way to her step sisters but really has a hope and desire to go to the Ball herself.   

In my own experience, I always had a desire to hang out with ME-time but by it seemed as though my obligations to HE, SHE, and WE were far more important. I do remember a few times alone with ME-time, but our intimate times were always interrupted with impatient and uninvited guest. I remember being physically alone with ME-time, but SHE-time and We-time would always call. As a result, I would unfairly end our date early or stay on the phone the whole time with them. I have come to realize how unfair I have been to ME-time. You should never neglect ME-time.

The importance and real need of ME-time is never realized until many of us fail in functioning, suffer a breakdown, or get blindsided by some major setback. Internal guilt and outside sources tell us that we are being selfish when we pause for ME-time. If you are not careful, your neglect of ME-time can make for your own demise. 

Here is what I know about ME-time. ME-time ONLY requires the company of ONE. Why are you afraid to be by yourself? If you cannot comfortably spend time alone with you, then maybe you are not good company. If you cannot be the life of your own party, then you cannot be the life of anybody’s party. If you don’t like your own company, lose everybody else’s number. If the only fun you can have is with others, then you are boring and dry. Second to HE-time, The preferred company we should desire is to be with Me, Myself, and I . 

ME-time is not FREE TIME to sit and think about everything you should and could be doing. This is not the time you spend thinking about all you failed to do, need to do, or who you need to call. 

ME-time is not with kids or company. ME-time is not talking on the phone. ME-time should not be the time you use to be in a drunken stupor or high. I would even suggest that Me-time is not always the time you spend SLEEPING the day away.  

Here are a few recommendations I would like to offer on behalf of ME-time:


 Some appointments cannot be rescheduled. ME-time is the appointment that you should never cancel. If you allow yourself and others to force you to re-schedule with little or no legitimate reason, then NO ONE WILL RESPECT IT. We often times only take ME-time when nothing else requires our attention. Place it on your calendar and everyone else’s. It must become a REAL PRIORITY to you. Don’t write it PENCIL it in, write it in with INK. Keep the appointment. Do something for you during this time alone. We are great when it comes to doing for others, but horrible when it comes to doing for ourselves.  

2. LOOK FORWARD TO IT AND ENJOY IT. ME-time should be an expectation of celebration. Rather you schedule it once a week or once a month, look forward to it and enjoy it. It’s your opportunity to make YOU the center of attention. We spoil everybody else, but never spoil ourselves. Don’t allow others to become jealous, cast doubt, or attempt to guilt you. You deserve a little time to yourself.  

Without ME-time, we become mean, unhappy, and frustrated. Take the time and get you some quality ME-time.  

Sad is the tombstone that reads, “He never made time for ME-time.”


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