Difficulty Turning The Page

Difficulty Turning The Page!!

Good books read slow. In reality, it’s just black and white letters on a white page. Words stringed across the page, grouped together, to convey a message of some sort. Purposed to be read left to right and top to bottom. It’s simple but so much more come complex. At first glance, what seems to be just words, magically turn into pictures, and then what look like full blown movies on the screen of the reader’s mind. With a good book in hand, you can travel the world, taste foreign cuisine, and even swim in the ocean with giant whales. Just by reading a page at a time, you can transform a work place cubicle or cafe nook into a space shuttle launching pad. There is no telling how far into space you can actually go.  

It’s hard to turn the page of a book that grabs you. Great lines beg to be memorized. It’s why I underline, highlight, fold page corners, and even reread aloud the lines. GREAT LINES DESERVE MEMORY AND AUDIBLE RECITAL. 

LIFE is like a good book. Even though it’s a page turner and you are thirsty for more. It’s hard to turn the page. You almost have to slow your eyes down because you want to savor the good parts.  

Today is the day that I have to turn the page. I know I can’t stay on this page forever because the story of life isn’t written that way. You gotta keep reading. With great apprehension, I have the page in hand, set to be turned but I can’t. I clearly feel the weight of the page pull on me in both directions. I have options. I clearly rehearse them. I can either reread over and over the contents of this page until ready or I can with respect and appreciation move on to the next page. Some people have a hard time turning the page and I swear I understand. Maybe I can offer some encouragement to myself and others who feel the pain of page turning. At some point in life, all of us will have to turn pages. Consider this:

1. Never force a turn. It will happen and no one can dictate when that time will be. Reread and enjoy the page as often as you choose. 

2. Spending time on a page and being STUCK on a page are two different things. Remember emotions and memories come with reading. You don’t want to continue reliving old memories when there are so many more to be made and experienced. 

3. Turning the page is NOT disrespecting or dishonoring the events of past pages. You cannot change the past. You can always place a book marker in the page to refer back as often as possible. 

4. The PAGE that you find hard to turn is not the BOOK. It’s only a page in the chapter and a chapter in the book. If GOD can create the page, prepare to have your mind blown with the BOOK. 

5. Turning the page is a great way to honor the past because it builds on the FOUNDATION of what was. The book and skyscraper that future generations see and enjoy would never be realized without the build up of the prior page.  

I walked into the house after a couple of weeks vacation. My place actually looks and feels like a museum of my baby boy’s life. I don’t like it because it freezes his life into still photos and paintings. It feels restrictive. Anybody who knew Angelo and his story, will tell you that if CANCER couldn’t keep him in a bed, then surely a museum, can’t immobilize him. His life story is moving and alive!! I am working on a way to continue telling his moving story in a way that exudes life. When he was alive, I literally chased him for pictures, commentary, and insight. I am still chasing and discovering more and more everyday. 

Today I have a page of our life in my hand. I just thought I would share with you my difficulty today.  

I am turning the page slow because too fast feels like disrespect. Turning too slow feels heavy. With optimism, I turn the page knowing that like a mosaic, I have only seen a PEICE of his life. The sum total of his life and its impact can only be realized if I TURN THE PAGE.  

Maybe LEGACY is LIFE lived after DEATH.  TURN IT!!


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  1. E. Devon Wilford-Said January 18, 2017 — 8:49 pm

    Wow! That is so deep…good job! 🙂

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  2. Wow! That is so deep! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  3. You have been truly blessed and I thank you for sharing your world with us…

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