You Are Not Out of the Woods Yet!!

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You’re Not Out of the Woods Yet!!

It’s 3 a.m., and as soon as I touch my phone, I hear and type these words. It’s the unprofessional assessment of myself that I hear when I sit down this morning. Not only is it unprofessional, but it’s unsolicited. In most, if not all cases, a medical doctor orders certain test for his patient. In my case, there is no doctor on duty, assigned, nor is there one to read and interpret the results, especially at three in the morning. 

Who ordered this test? Who read the results? Are the results accurate? What if they would have come back worse? Would I have even believed them? Who gathered the information and what was it based upon? Now I seem to be asking questions but it’s after the fact. It’s easy to say, “It must be God,” but why assign it to God so quickly? There is already enough false prophecy and God blamed quotations out there, why add to it? On the other hand, why not credit to Him? I don’t think it’s me. It kinda feels beyond me and I know my own handwriting. The devil never gives warning of care and concern. We are so quick to accredit bad new to the devil and good news to God. At times, a loving God has to drop the hammer on us to help and save us. 

Again, the words are, “You are not out of the woods yet.” This not a message of doom but at the same time it’s not a declaration of celebration. As a matter of fact, it’s more of a warning against premature celebration. A message of caution if you will. Calm down and relax, pace yourself, keep your eyes open, proceed forward with slow and calculated steps, are the messages that I gather.  

I am glad about a few things. 

I am glad that the report did not return with negative results. The report could have read, ” It’s over and it’s too late.” It’s simply a warning.  

Secondly, I’m grateful that the Lord talks to me. I am sure it’s Him because even with the worst of news

from headquarters, it is always accompanied with the peace of God for confirmation. I have received past parcel with the message, “Whipping on the way, I love you, God.” I’m good with this one. 

Thirdly, I can do this one. I assume this message is about navigating through the woods of grieving my lost loved one. I feel like I have made real progress and I am happy about that. If the woods are the deep dark forest of life with little or no visibility, cold and damp, then I thank God for progress. Without a compass or map, we get up everyday, one step at a time, listening for His voice to lead us. I will not change my pace or direction. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

In the woods, war is about cover and concealment. Why show your white teeth at this point, and totally give your position away? Why be blown to smithereens at the last mile of the way? (I have always wanted to use that word.) Steady as she goes man!!

Lastly, this could easily go south at any moment. I could have missed some crucial step along the way and it come back to bite me, thus the warning. The premature “holy dance” at this juncture could very well play out to be extra steps that land my feet in a secluded snake pit or step on a land mine. This could lead to an early death. Remember, a clearing “in the woods” is not the same as being “out of the woods.” Be patient, shouting time will come. 

I am happy about this one thing for sure. The same God that brought me this far will take me to where I have to go. I started with Him as I entered the forest and I desire to come out on the other side praising His holy name. There I will be singing, “I’ve been through the dark forest but I made it!!”

The pillow that I lay on reminds me of the pillow I use to scream into when I was mad at my parents. It muffled the sound of what I wanted to say. I was able to say it, but with little to no volume. This kept me safe and alive. Somehow I feel like you know what I am talking about and we speak the same language. Just nod your head if you feel me. I am shouting this morning in the spirit “in my pillow,” until I get out these woods. If you think I am shouting now, just wait and see!!

 See you on the other side. 

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