Standing In Line Behind Mannequins!!

Standing in Line Behind Mannequins!!

You ever been in traffic and your lane was at a stand still? You waited long enough and then decided to change lanes. As you advanced in the new lane, you looked over into the stalled lane to see what the obstruction was. As you passed the problem car, you discovered that no was was even in the driver’s seat.  

I heard of a story where a man said he was going to check out at a department store. He found a line of people checking out, so he stood in the line. After a long period of time, the man began to wonder why it was taking so long and why was the line not advancing. He even asked the man in front of him if he knew what the problem was. After more time passes by, he decided to get out of the line and find out what the problem was. He passed several people in the line but when finally made it to the first person, he found the answer. It was a store mannequin. 

You mean to tell me that nobody in the line noticed that it was a mannequin up front? I don’ know how you feel about it, but I would feel pretty stupid standing in line behind a mannequin, waiting for the line to advance.

How does this happen?? I don’t know but maybe we can’t prevent this from happening to you. 

I thought I might offer some recommendations to help in advancing in life:

1. Be clear on why YOU are in the line. 

2. Be careful who you stand in line behind. 

3. Don’t stand in lines that are not advancing. Observe the line first. 

4. Wasting time standing behind mannequins is a loss that you will never regain. 

5. Ensure that the person in front of you has the same intentions of advancing as you. 

6. Everybody in line is not trying to check out. Some people are just lost and in the line. 

7. Never stand in line behind complacent people who are ok with waiting forever.  

8. It’s imperative that you know the intentions of the person in front of you, but you must also check the entire line. 

9. Remember this is not the only line in the store. 

10. People generally do what they see others do, even if it means standing for a long period of time behind a mannequin. What is normal may not always be what you need to do. 

If by chance you are wondering why the lane you are traveling in life is not advancing, just don’t stand there, Check the line. There might just be a mannequin in the line. 


If at all fails, open your OWN LANE!!


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