Retired From Rollercoaster Riding!!

Retired From Rollercoaster Riding!!

Great America, Indiana Beach, King’s Island, and Cedar Point, are all amusement parks that I loved to go to as a child. The main attraction in every amusement park seems to always be the rollercoaster. We prepared every summer to take on and conquer the biggest and fastest rollercoasters that mankind could design. What is it about the rollercoaster that draws hundreds of thousands people yearly? Maybe it’s the breath taking speed, high altitudes, the three story drops, the head spinning twists and turns, and even the loop to loops? Yes, I think thats it. Tear jerking, screaming to the top of our voice, heart racing, death defying forty seconds is what we crave. 

In the summer of 2016, My children wanted to take a trip to the amusement park. I reluctantly agreed to go knowing full well what this would include riding rollercoasters. In particular, Angelo my son, wanted to ride the new rollercoaster named Goliath. 

 This coaster set three world records for wooden roller coasters when it opened to the public on June 19, 2014: the longest drop at 180 feet (55 m), the steepest drop at 85°, and the fastest speed at 72 miles per hour (116 km/h). This 100-second ride also featured two inversions. 

He wants to ride this coaster. What makes matters worse is Skye my daughter wants to ride as well. She is ten and just grew to the legal height to ride. She had been waiting for this moment. Both of them begin to ride me about being the trip killer for opting out of the thrill ride. At my age, I prefer to choose for myself the issues and challenges that push my heart to unheard of stress levels. After child peer pressure, I agree to take one for the team.

 It was the thrill of a life time. Every twist, turn, dip, and inversion that the Goliath promised, it lived up to. Two of the passengers were not so happy and lucky. My son loved it, I hated it, and if my calculations are correct, my daughter fainted probably three times or so it seemed. 

At the conclusion of this 100 second ride, I had come to one clear conclusion. My days of rollercoaster riding were over. I was publicly announcing my retirement for any and all who were interested in hearing. No more coasters for me!!

 There is a close comparison that can be made to man made rollercoasters and emotional rollercoasters that people try to take us on. I have declared on this level as well, No more Coasters!! Here are a few observations I have made about rollercoasters and people:

1. People love riding coasters for the ups and downs. Emotionally, some people are driven and drawn to drama. Like rollercoaster enthusiasts, some people search and find coasters. They will pay the fare to get to wherever they can to find them. If they can’t find drama, they build drama!!

2. People love Coasters but they always require company. I heard it said that it takes two to Tango. In riding rollercoasters, it takes two or more to ride. I have yet to see a one man coaster. There is always room for at least two to a car or more. This means that if you are in a relationship with a coaster lover, it won’t be long before you are riding. 

3. People who love coasters, will scream, shout, cry, and even beg to get off the ride, but will exit the ride saying, “let’s do it again!” Drama people claim they hate arguments, fussing, and feuding, but will leave one person and find another drama filled person.  

4.  At some point, you have to declare your retirement from Coaster riding. I announced to my children, that was my last coaster. This would mean that in the future they would need to recruit a new rider. I will no longer be riding. Now I hold loose items they may have and go stand at the exit of the rollercoaster. I announce, “I will see you when you get done riding.” 

Please notice, you can loose your valuable things on these rides. You can lose time, money, glasses, jewelry, and even your life and mind.  

It’s funny how standing at the exit watching and hearing people scream to the top of their voice, brings a smile to my face. I am no longer caught up in relationship rollercoasters with people. I’d rather watch from a distance than participate.  

LOVE is PEACE not coaster rides!!!!

If you love me, you will ride. No, if you love me, I’ll hold your things and wait till you get back!!!! 


Ride or die? Um, I’m dead!!!

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