I Should Have Followed My First Mind!!

I Should Have Followed My First Mind!!
I should have followed my first mind. I have heard and used this statement several times. In my own words and observation, It seems like the difference between the two decisions are INSTINCT(first thought), and LOGIC(second thought). 
When a decision is to be made, we choose one or the other. The process you use to come to that conclusion is both private and internal. I wonder are we statistically right more when we follow our first mind or when we

choose the other? I’m not sure. 
 Per adventure the statistics do show you are right more with your first mind, will you from now on 

follow your first mind?
My first mind seems to be quick, hasty, impatient at times, but knowledgable and confident. It doesn’t take long when you know the answer. Experience kicks in and says, “I know this answer.” First mind is a feeling, an unction, a gut feeling. The first mind says, “Let’s go with it!!” 
My second mind( for a lack of better terms), needs time to process, evaluate, and fact find. I’m not sure about you but i’ve went both and been wrong. 
i think I’ll go with Dad’s advice. Whenever a decision has to be made:

1. Always weigh ALL the pro’s open and honestly.  

2. Weigh the con’s open and honestly. 


4. Go 100% percent behind your decision. After A period of time, you will know CLEARLY if it was rhe right decisions.  

5. If its wrong, at least YOU MADE A DECISION. Sometimes you can

change it and other times You have you live with it. 

I should have followed my first mind!!

Do you ever say to yourself, “I SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED MY FIRST MIND?”

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