Don’t Be The Victim Of Heart Invasion!!


In 1932, A man by the name of George Winningham invented the peephole. A small hole drilled in your door which allows you to identify who is at the door without opening it. 

God places DOORS in our lives as security between ourselves and others. A security door is built to PREVENT UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY or to withstand the forces of weather. 

In life, there are no SECURITY DOORS and peepholes, so you must ERECT YOUR OWN INVISIBLE DOOR to protect you from people who mean you no good!!

Not only should you erect a security door with a peep hole, but you should ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS before you open the door!!!!

Here are the questions? 

1. WHO ARE YOU? They must clearly IDENTIFY THEMSELVES!! 

Even after they have clearly proven who they are, THIS IS NOT ENOUGH!! You must move on to the second and third question. Statistically in home invasions, Offenders were known to their victims in 65% of violent burglaries.

WARNING!! The second and third question is MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FIRST!!

2. WHAT DO YOU WANT?? You may know who they are, or they may have proven their identity, but the REAL QUESTION is WHAT DO YOU WANT? 

Some people knock because they have questions. You can answer questions from behind the safety of a locked security door.  

PLEASE ASK THIS QUESTION AND WAIT FOR THE ANSWER!! If the question is not answered to your satisfaction, DENY ENTRY!!

3. WHY DO YOU DESIRE ACCESS INTO MY LIFE? Is this a delivery or a pickup? Are you coming to add to my life or take away? Enhance or drain? 

Please keep this invisible door erected and locked. Behind it secures the most important part of you, your heart and mind. Statistics reveal that 61% of offenders were unarmed when violence occurred during a burglary while a resident was present. Careful, this means they seem HARMLESS!!

Again, DENY ENTRY and walk away from the door, cease conversation, and call the authorities if need be!!

Please listen!! Once you unbolt the door, unlatch the chain, unlock the lock, you have allowed access. The worse time to ask questions and seek clarification is when you have already allowed access!! It’s EASY to let people in, but it can be a living HELL to get them out!! 

NO FORCED ENTRY is assumed that you knew the person and let them in. 

By IDENTITY, I may recognize you as my CLOSE RELATIVE, but I still must ask WHAT DO YOU WANT? 

This is so scary to me because we have already given access to people who never deserved entry in our lives already. By the grace of God, they have left on their own but not before they have robbed us of something of value(time,joy, peace, money, energy, sleep, etc.) 

THANK GOD we have not been killed physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually!! We lived to see another day. 

Heed the warning!! Don’t be the victim of Heart Invasion!!

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