The Truth About Those Ruby Red Slippers

The Truth About Those Ruby Red Slippers

One of my favorite movies of all time has to be the Wizard of Oz. The story of the Tin man, Scarecrow, and the cowardly Lion. A story about three people who experienced some level of abuse and were stuck in their situations, until Dorothy came along. A hanging scarecrow, a rusted tin man, and a fearful lion. All stuck forever until Dorothy stopped by the crib. She set them all free but they didn’t know what to do after being set free. There are so many applications to life that can be made as a result of experiencing this story, but I only want to life up one.

The central character in this story is Dorthy, a little girl from Kansas. A tornado picked up the house with her in it and dropped them smack dab in the middle of munchkin land. Allow me to fast forward the story. Karma paid an old mean witch a visit that loved harassing physically challenged people. She died, they robbed her of her shoes. The first time I learned about what happens to dead people is when the legs and toes of the dead witch curled up and slid up under the house. That still scares me to this day.

Are you recognizing the life principles here? Dorthy gets the red bottoms. Well, actually they were red tops. They make the colors in her dress pop. Nobody can tell you what shoes Dorothy had on prior to this. People don’t remember you until you come up in society. The witch wanted the shoes, and they were denied entrance into Oz until he saw the infamous ruby red slippers.

If you wanna come up in life, do a drive by using your house, rob an old mean babe of her shoes. Instantly, you are envied by witches and welcomed by a new crew of friends, a lion, a tin man, and a scarecrow. This puts “no new friends to bed.”

I said all of that to say this, there was perceived power in the red slippers. We don’t find out the power of the shoes until the end of the story. I have a friend named Damion who would at this point interject how funky these slippers might be. She had ran, jumped, danced, and according to the good witch, she was never to take them off. What power could funky slippers have? The girls I know are glad to take their heels off after thirty minutes of cuteness. As I digress……

After Dorthy gets everybody to the Wiz, The Wiz agrees, if they rob and kill another witch of her broom, he will grant all of their wishes. Dorthy clips the babe and they return with the goods. The Wizard helps everybody but Dorthy. He attempts to give her a ride home but he takes off without her. See what I mean? He is the Dad that says, “I’ll be back.”

Dorthy wants to go home and can’t. The good witch stops by and says, “You could have been home by now.” Close your eyes, click your heels three times and think to yourself, “There is no place like home.” With all this witch killing and robbing going on, I’m surprised that the good witch didn’t crack Dorthy over the head and take off with the slippers. Did you notice that this witch used Dorthy to knock off all the other witches? Evidently they didn’t have Instagram. Witches get stitches evidently.

She says something to Dorothy that still resonates with me today. The good witch said to Dorthy, “You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas.” The scarecrow said, “Why didn’t you tell her?”

“She would not have believed me, She had to learn it for herself,” the witch replied. Wait a minute!!

The power was not in the shoes but the person in the shoes with a made up mind!! You get it?


This message is not about Dorthy, this is about you. Are you stuck in Kansas or Oz? Are you in a relationship with someone you don’t want to be with? On a job you loathe going to? Are you in the company of friends that you have to keep saving? You know the scarecrow friend that is all over the place? The tin man friend that is always stuck in stuff? The lion friend that walks in fear and you spend all your time encouraging them? Like Dorthy, you get everybody hooked up but you?

My friend, do like Dorothy and kiss them

all good bye. Don’t click your heels, just MAKE UP YOUR MIND!! Remember, you always had the power to leave.

I always thought she said, “Say it out loud, but she actually said to Dorothy, “Keep saying to yourself, there is no place like home.” KEEP SAYING TO YOURSELF WHAT YOU WANT!!

Keep reminding YOU, not others.

Speak it into existence!! Don’t just stand their clicking (praying), open your eyes and get to working and walking!!!

Let me say it one more time,


I’m thinking to myself, Once you experience Oz and munchkin land in technicolor, how can you go back to Kansas in black and white? That’s another story at another time.

Live your life. You’ve got the POWER!! You always had it!!


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  1. Great article, we must be in constant rememberance of this !

    The power is within all of us🌺

    – C . Cain

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