Choosing Humility

Choosing Humility

Life changes when you go from suit and tie to safety vest and hard hats, from dress shoes to steel toes, from luxury car to domestic, from homeowner to house guest, from three thousand square feet to ten by ten, from fine dining to lunch boxes, from reputation to obscurity, to being on the cover to undercover. Life changes. How do you navigate the changes of life? WELL, MAYBE IT’S NOT THE CHANGE BUT THE MISTREATMENT THAT GETS YOU? One word, HUMILITY.

When they don’t know that you are a somebody but treat you like a nobody, HUMILITY.

When they handle you with skepticism and question, HUMILITY.

Jesus is HUMILITY on display. I think about what it must have taken to allow someone to drive a nail in your hand and a spike in your foot. HUMILITY

HUMILITY willingly allowed them to place a crown of thorns on his head, flog and mock him.

HUMILITY is knowing the power that you possess but lovingly not wielding it in retaliation or in defense.

HUMILITY is waving off legions of angels waiting for your word to destroy and rescue you.

Today use HUMILITY. When you could stomp the living daylights out of them, use HUMILITY.

You could tell them off in a way that they really get it but instead use HUMILITY.

Life and change are not easy by no stretch of the imagination. People can be mean but please walk in HUMILITY.


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  1. Amen!

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  2. Although it wasn’t my first thought, I had to use this approach recently. #HumilityWins

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