Dear Miss China Shop, Stop Dating Bulls!!

Dear Miss China Shop, Stop Dating Bulls!!

As I thought about some women and their struggle with dating, I came across a bit of history. There is an old idiom that dates back before Frederick Marryat’s 1834 novel, Jacob Faithful. It’s an image of a bull wrecking havoc as he wandered among tables and shelves of fine porcelain in a shop. There is so much about this that jumps out at me. Let me just run a few descriptive words by you. These terms seems to reveal so much at first glance. It seems obvious but sometimes that which is obvious is invisible. My Mother used to say, “If it was a snake it would have bit you.”

1. Two things- A Bull and a China shop. This clearly throws up a red flag, begs to be discussed and may very well reveal reasons as to why you keep dating the wrong men. He is a Bull and you are a China shop.

2. The Bull- One who is aggressive and clumsy, well at least in a China shop. Put him in other places and he moves with the aggressive grace of a fish in water but he is in your life Miss China shop. “But he is so cute, can I take him home?” is where you went wrong.

3. China shop- a place or let’s say a person that requires delicacy and care. A place where delicate furniture and porcelain knickknacks can be found. You are a China shop. Some things just don’t go together.

4. Clumsily Destructive. This means it’s not on purpose. In a China shop, his sincere goal to tip toe through makes him apt to tear the whole thing up. Rather forward or backward, it’s gonna be a mess. Wow, just that quick you ran to his aid and made excuses for him. “See, you said it’s not on purpose, he don’t mean it” she said. Rather on purpose or not, the end result is your entire shop is smashed to pieces.

Bad choices- I know you think we just don’t like the ones you pick but what is it about bulls? Here is a thought: You may not ever be able to identify a Bull when you see one. All I am saying is just don’t be so in a rush to let him in. Instead, spend time placing real value on the items in the China shop.

Dear Miss China Shop, Stop Dating Bulls!!

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