All Shoes are Not Created Equal!!

All Shoes are Not Created Equally

Man o man, I’m sure this will differ amongst us. A dress shoe, a casual shoe, a sandal, a flip flop, a gym shoe, a basketball shoe, or even a running shoe, which is your favorite? Is your favorite pair long gone? Is it still in rotation?

What is it? Is it the feel of the leather? The look? The cushion in the sole? The straps? The color? The heel or the laces?

With shoes come confidence and or arrogance. Shoes seal the deal and complement the entire ensemble!! If the shoes are off, the whole set up is off. You can’t be classy from head to ankle!! You gotta take it all the way down. Actually, the shoe carries so much power, that one could actually dress from the bottom up and get it right. It’s not what shoes go with my gear, but what gear will go with my shoes?

Shoes have been responsible for saving many outfit disasters. Who knew that your saving grace could lie within your shoes?, Who knew that your reputation could rest upon the sole of your shoes? Likewise, a bad pair can be guilty of destroying a really nice setup. Who knew that your reputation could rest upon the sole of your shoes? J

Is it comfort? Is it color and stitch? Is it pattern and heel? Is it form and fit? Everybody seems to be different. Some like it classy and chic, while others like it sporty and rugged. Some have as many pairs of shoes to match their many personalities and that’s cool. We were all created equal, then we put on shoes. It’s what separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls. It’s just that serious. What’s your Old faithful pair? Your go-to’s?

If you had to pick a pair to speak for you, which pair would it be? If you were judged by the shoe you wore, which pair would you choose to represent you? Which pair best articulates your personality?

All shoes are not created Equally…

Love ya


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