With Aging Comes Limitations

With Aging comes Limitations

With youth comes the ability, stamina and strength to do it ALL. With Aging comes careful selection in what will be done according to a limited amount of energy possessed.

With youth, activities are acted upon without question, hesitation or reservation, but with Aging, every move is preceded with in-depth questions of why?

Youth equals reckless abandon- totally unrestrained and willing to risk it all. Aged equals deep thought, thoroughly calculated, and a fear to risk much at all.

With aging comes all of the questions of WHY? Youth ask WHY NOT AND WHEN?

“We made love all night,” is a lie leaked from the lips of the aging that go to bed at least by 9pm. Wishful thinking and Optimistic Daydreaming at best. It’s the promise never kept. She who waits for his recovery will be sadly disappointed when morning comes.

Limitations demand a clear conversation be had between the mind and the body. Aging Limitations are actually in place to prevent testosterone from writing a check that the Gluteus Maximus cannot make good on.

Momma said, “Getting old is inconvenient.” I didn’t really get it then but like a mosaic, the pieces are coming together. Your mind wants to do things but the prior approval must be requested and sanctioned by the body. He who ages and refuses to consult with the body, will clearly suffer the consequences the morning after.

I use to tell Angelo, “You can do anything, you just have some limitations.” I can run or walk 10 miles, it’s the speed that limits the pace. Cars have governors that limit the speed. Life places a natural governor on the body because there really is no need to move that fast and exert that much energy. Ration my Boy!!! Ration!!!! Pace yourself Bro, Pace yourself!!

With Aging limitations also come an appreciation for things and moments. You learn to enjoy the pace and not complain. You learn to savor the silence and solitude. It’s the little things of life that become so wonderful. The simple over the complex. The short and sweet supersedes the Fast and Furious any day.

Limitations influence our preferences. Fast cars and girls are a thing of the past. Chiseled men lose their appeal in the eyes of the aging lady with the bifocal split in her lenses. It’s sort of like a young black unbridled Stallion, they are good to look at but limited people have no desire to spend the time breaking them. “Just give me the old predictable Mare,” she says. Limitations have informed her intellect well. Bucking ain’t no fun for the aging!!

Limitations must be gaining on me!! Now I want a girl that can’t argue long. We can’t just go get some ice cream and laugh about everybody else. Limited minds don’t have much use for recall no way.

I have a two drink limit, a 10:15pm bed time, a potty trip before nighty-night, no late night eating, a need for two squirts of nasal spray, my alarms to be set, and a mental note of where I left my glasses prior to dozing off. Any violation of these limitations can cause hella-issues.

I would say limitations are setting in.

Please don’t be critical of me or feel as though you need to comment at all. You have your own limitations. Good luck⏰

I still love you



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  1. theycalledherjonesy July 15, 2020 — 8:57 am

    This is so very true. The things I never hesitated on in my youth I now question with much back and forth.

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