…And Just like that, We’re Back

And Just Like That…. “And We’re back!!”

It’s the scene in the movie that always lives for me. The one where the person is coming out of a deep slumber into consciousness. We’ve watched and lived it. You wake up with covers twisted and disheveled. Going to sleep at night is more like climbing into a spaceship and doing some time travel to some wild places but you never know the destination. The only thing you know is the spaceship will land and let you out right back in your bed at some point the next morning. And we’re back but where?

Physically, you’ve not moved outside the confines of the queen size cushion but mentally you have had one hell of a trip. Who even drove the spaceship? We have no clue. Who picked the destination? We don’t know. Some believe that the whole trip is a compilation of the events of your day, scrambled together, pressed and edited on a 8mm reel to reel in your mind. You are taped to a chair, placed in front of the screen of your mind and forced to watch it all play out. What a head job!!

No matter how far you travel or what craziness you encounter, it’s always the, “And we’re back.” Back where? Reality.

When you wake up, your eyes open and you ask the common questions, “Where am I and what happened last night?” Some have sweet, pleasant dreams accompanied by melodic good morning wake-ups from birds singing outside window sill, while others have violent wake-ups filled with gasping for air and panic. The wake up is a plus for those who were just about to get murdered or caught. Either way, it still, “and we’re back!!” The song says, “Back to life, Back to reality.” So we wake up.

I can hear the ringing in my ears and it quiet. I prefer to wake up and be gone long before other rise. I’ve grown to the place where I prefer to formulate the direction of my own day without the input of television, radio or the opinions of others. As a result, I have not become richer, but I have mined the precious commodity called, “Sanctity of soul and mind.” Well, at least that’s what I’d like to call it. I have found and developed a sanctuary and creative space that great ideas can flourish and blossom into something magnificent. I’m not worried, cash cometh soon. No launching pad, no rocket or orbit.

I struggle now more than ever with the gathering of people. In the name of meeting God, I’d rather meet Him alone first and then hobnob. It’s the hodgepodge of gossip, flirting, glory seeking and general conversation that has nothing to do with my showing up, that gets me. Maybe it’s why worship should be private and secret, long before it’s public and corporate. My bad. When I’m in searching for God, most times I won’t find him in church but the music offers me His coordinates. Today I’m headed to church. And we’re back.

So you wake up and take a quick glimpse around the room. It helps us to discover clues that might help up unfold the Sherlock Holmes mystery of what happened on the night in question. A shoe, a receipt, a half opened window, plus the corn chip bag, all serve as viable pieces to last night’s puzzle. Then come the internal questions. Where are my glasses? How did my phone get over there? My shorts? No wonder I was freezing. My bed looks like a bar room brawl that ensued and I was left in the middle of the floor to figure it all out. I hope I got one good punch in. Now I have to find me keys and Uber me to the shower. We always go to the shower to seek answers and redemption. It’s couples as a mind reset capsule and a soapy confession booth. We make it work. When we step out, we walk to the mirror, cocooned in a towel and utter the words, “And we’re back!!”

I’m sorry if I’ve rambled. I thought I’d dust off the old pen and see if I could make a connection with my inner voice, you and this device. You ever woke up and said, “And we’re back?”

I love you


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