I stopped to sit in the grass. I simply stopped because friggin life is always moving. At some point, you gotta STOP to STOP. You can’t go and stop at the same time. We have become proficient in going but have forgotten how to use the brake. The lyrics to a song said, “ALL GAS NO BRAKES!!” I say, “CRASHING IS INEVITABLE AT SOME POINT!!” In Germany, they have a highway called the Autobahn. The left lane speed limit is infinity. Crashes seldom happen but when they do, they are fatal. When you have forgotten how to STOP, life can be fatal.

I stopped and sat in the grass for no other reason than to just stop. What the hell is so important in life that you can’t stop? You can’t? I beg to differ. If it’s a job, relationship or task, if you crash and die, they will continue on without you. In short, you are not that important. They will not die or fold without you, I promise.

(I sound like I’m speaking from Mars!!) There are others here sitting. In no rush, no race to be somewhere else, and have not fallen in the grass on accident. They have made a decision to just stop and sit in the grass. Some are far more organized than me. They have blankets, coolers, grills, and food. They have planned to make a day of it evidently. Looks like someone is having a Birthday party and it’s going to be in the grass. I see the balloons, party favors and cake. Might I offer, God made grass. It’s nature’s wall to wall carpet.(That was cool)

I use to take pride in keeping my well manicured lawn, when I owned a house. How proud I use to be to stand on the corner and view it after the lawn care was complete. You know the character of the man who lives in the house by the outside of the house and the character of the woman by the inside. I took pride in the grass. I care for a smaller plot now but it still looks and feels the same. I know you’re all grown, classy and sophisticated now. Jazzy folks don’t sit on grass!! I understand. All you see is the potential for bugs, dog pee and earthworms. Grass is about the STOP. It grows slow, it’s pretty green and there is a level of serenity that you can’t get from sitting on concrete. Grass is cushioned. We play sports in grass, we have romantic picnics in grass Bro!! Sit her on concrete and watch the face!! You get a whole different Girl when you sit her in grass. Especially with a nice blanket on top.

Grass connects me to nature. It’s Earth’s facial hair!! Creation’s Beard!! The Planet’s pubic hair!!!! (Ok, I quit!!) Where do you think they got the idea for hair plugs and toupees? (Don’t site me on that. I’m just spitballing!!)

I will say, it takes a certain type of person with a peculiar disposition to stop and sit in grass. If you lay out a blanket and bring a picnic basket filled with wine, cheese, and delicious knickknacks, and she is busy popping bugs and frowned up, “Take her right back to where you found her!!” If by chance you both are doing the frowning, “Both of y’all prudes, “GET OFF MY GRASS!!”

I just stopped to STOP!! Go find a perfectly manicured plot or patch of grass somewhere, pull up and STOP!! It will do you some good. If not, the plot of grass that you choose not to sit on will one day rest upon you Baby Bubba!! Let it fertilize you with peace or you will fertilize it from six feet under!!

I love you


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