Why Would Lightening Strike Twice In The Same Place?

Can it? Sure. Has it? Yes. Why would it? Good question. If the striking of lightening represents damage and destruction, punishment meted out by the Master, or Anger unleashed upon the Earth, then the light strike could be seen as overkill or excessive force. Why else would you kill and destroy something or someone that has already be blasted and burned to smithereens?? (I love that word, smithereens!!) Who waste bullets on dead carcasses? Who takes the time to stomp the living daylights out of something that the light of days have already dimmed? For the sake of conversation, who conquers land already conquered? What’s the prize in it? No bragging rights, no certificate, diploma, medal, or ticker tape parade for past victories, so why would lightening feel it necessary to strike twice in the same place?

The only way to make sense of it all is to change not the strike but the reason for the strike. In this instance, why would I go sit somewhat close to the same place and write again if I’ve already been here and there and done this and that? Good question!!! I’m not an earthworm or a dog that has to go really bad. So why?

Sitting in grass, I want to offer another observation and explanation of this phenomenon. Of course, this is my humble opinion and cannot be debated unless you are willing to sit in the same said grass.

Could it be that the repeat striking of lightening is NOT simply for destruction, punishment, or payback, but possibly the mere opportunity and second chance to get right what you didn’t do or experience the first time? Truth me told, some of us don’t get it the first time.

We use the term, “lightening striking twice,” as a act of God or nature that very seldom happens in the same place. Maybe GOD gives second chances to people like you and I when we miss it the first time. I know it’s rare and most hardly ever see twice in a lifetime, but could HE actually be the GOD of a second chance as rare as lightening in the same place?

I’m sitting here, maybe not in the exact same place but close. The buildings have not budged and the grass that was here before has been cut and hauled away. I’m sitting on new growth and possibly a home for ants that seem to be getting riled up. All this grass and I choose their rooftop and block their daily sunbathing? Let me hurry. So ants wear? Never mind.

This chance may be as rare as lightening striking in the same place twice but I am appreciative. People are walking by looking at me as if I am homeless and without mere morsels to eat. I’m just a dude in grass writing my thoughts. Hmmm, Maybe I can ask for alms? Alms I say!!!!!! Have thine any alms for a bowl of porridge? Hey Siri, “How do you spell porridge?” Why eat porridge when there are burgers a block up? Ok the sun must be getting to me.

Rather it be slim to none, very seldom or almost close to never, IT CAN HAPPEN and IT CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU!! I was simply seeking for inspiration on this Father’s Day, alone walking and sitting in grass. Guess what? It did strike twice in the same place and I am grateful. Any writer will tell you of the highs and lows or creativity. The Tsunami of ideas one day and the Sahara desert of thirst the very next day. I’m glad the lightening was not to annihilate me, punish me or destroy me. It came again from a place I know not, to allow my inner voice to plant a small seed into someone’s life. Hopefully that’s you!!

(Disclaimer: if by chance you know you’ve been acting up and deserve a spanking from the gods, don’t wear gasoline undies!! Gas is accelerant!!!! No need adding to the fire that will find you. Just do better and stay indoors while it rains.

Keep writing and seek out the storm because Lightening can strike twice in the same place!!!

I love you


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  1. I feel like you were talking to me on the phone. What an excellent analogy. Siri, how do you spell porridge. Lol

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