Beyond The Point of No Return!!

It’s early and I’m up thinking. It’s the first line in a old school horror movie or a Scooby Doo cartoon. It’s always no less than two people in a group traveling but lost. The writer always uses the same word, “stumble upon.” They we’re lost, out in the middle of nowhere and they “stumbled upon” a sign.

Two things jump right out at me. One, it’s a group or enough people to make an intelligent decision together, and two, a written sign that they have “stumbled upon.”It’s wasn’t in flashing lights or perfectly presented, but probably hanging by an old rusted nail. It’s possibly swinging from a tree or better yet, staked in the ground hastily, with a sharp piece of wood from an old white picket fence. Did I say it was dark?

Some one took a rock and hammered the sign in the ground and took off running. Before they were caught and eaten, they were kind enough to leave you and I this warning. You see and read it just like I read it. We all stand there trying to make out the words because someone didn’t take their time and it looks finger painted in blood and dirt.

Come on now, you and I are reading it aloud together, and you already know what it says, “BEWARE!! Stop and Turn back!! You are passing the Point of No Return!!!! There is a skull and cross bones. We all know what that means. Let us pause and give credit to the graphic artist who painted a skull and cross bones in the mist of ghost, goblins and forest darkness. How thoughtful!! They cared enough to think about us. This is rare in these days and times. To actually find someone running for their life but yet selfless enough to display an act of kindness such at this is noteworthy. Even though you are probably dead and chewed to pieces by some gargoyle just beyond this sign, we offer kudos to you in a posthumous kind of way. Exhausted from the loss of blood and your clothes ripped to shreds, you said to yourself, “I just need to warn the others!!” I am blown away!!

The leaning sign warns us, “You are passing the POINT OF NO RETURN!!” My silent question is, “How did you get back to draw the sign then?” Quick answer: You have watched enough people from the safe side come to this place and never return. I get it.

I and many others like you, read the sign but never heed the warning. We are the “What Wet Paint and Don’t Touch What?” people. We read, ignore and welcome the warning.

Here’s the killer warning sir/ma’am!!! POINT OF NO RETURN!! If you cross this threshold, there is no door on the other side. No clicking of heels like Dorthy. If you make it over there, Guess what? You have to stay there forever.

Even with a warning, we still willfully cross like sheep headed to the slaughter. What’s on the other side you ask? I might as well tell you because you won’t just accept the warning!! You’ll keep asking for clues or cross over like right now. You won’t stop reading. If I said, “Don’t read past this point, you’ll do it anyway!!

It’s LOVE and you’ve been warned. You can love a person up to a point, but loving past the point of no return deserves a warning. Beyond this point lies the Unseeable and Unhearable . On this side, you will see things that are totally unforgettable. Have you ever loved you beyond the point of no return?

You can’t go back to life as usual. Your heart, mind and soul have been transformed forever. There is a reason why you can’t go back. There is a reason why you will never exist back there. I hear you asking why!!!!

Once you’ve been loved past the point of NO RETURN, no one else will ever satisfy you or make you happier. The food will be bland from now on, the water will taste funny, the laughs will be all fake and forced, the conversations will all be boring and dry. Why? Because you loved beyond the point of no return. No touch will ever compare, no gift can entice and no words will ever be able to sway you from what is beyond the point of no return.

I think that’s where I am now. I ignored the stop sign and stop light. I overlooked the warning and I willfully signed the waiver with joy. I’m here and it feels so good. I’ve lost it but I’ve lost it in Love. It’s why no one ever comes back. Once you’ve had it right, you don’t go back to the other side. There is nothing else there for you.

I feel like the Twilight Zone man with the cigarette. With the raspy voice, he says about you, “They’ve loved past the point of no return.” I guess I’ll go back to sleep now!!

So where are you? Are you on the side reading the sign or are you already past the point of NO RETURN?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

I love you


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  1. Cassandra L Gatewood June 27, 2021 — 8:54 am

    Absolutely Amazing!!!👏👏👏

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