I started writing while knee deep in thought and seriously lost in contemplation on why I love this song so much. Most songs don’t move me but when I hear this one in particular, it touches a deep chord within me. A chord that cannot be ignored because it changes my breathing and body temperature. My eyebrows furl and my forehead wrinkles as I press my face closer to this phone while writing and seeking answers at 1:57am in the morning. I really want to see if I can write my thoughts out with the hope of getting to the bottom of this.

Ke Ke Wyatt recorded a song entitled, “Fall in Love.” I could pass it off as just another love song but she captured something that most don’t in their attempt, me. Not so much as her but the lyric arrested Mr. Wordsmith. I wanted to simply share my finding and see if I’m by myself or are their other believers out in the vast Universe that feel the same. You don’t have to believe me, just let me share it with you and you decide for yourself.

The lyric declares, “And when we’re finished making love, You gone fall in Love with me!!”

It’s more to the eye and ear than you assume. Let’s dive in shall we?

Silence the first part and hear the second part, “You gone fall in Love with me!!”

“With me” could simply be the identifier of the parties involved. One of which is you and the other me. Fall in love with ME. This I love because “I” am the recipient of your love. I am the chosen one. It could have been a billion others beside me but it’s not how the cards fell and I am grateful. It’s ME!!

Okay now, hear again, “You gone fall in Love with me!!”

As much as I am privileged to be the special man to be loved by you, there is an even greater blessing in this lyric and relationship. She sings the line, “You gone fall in love in love with me!!” This time I hear it differently. “YOU gone FALL IN LOVE with me. Now different words are highlighted in my mind and on the page. FALLING IN LOVE is clearly possible and does not require two people. You could be riding by yourself. Believe it or not, with all of the ups and downs, twist and turns, loops and death drops included on the rollercoaster of Love ride, you can actually take this ride by yourself while the other person holds the bags at the exit sign. It takes two to Tango but only one to FALL in love. They can truly watch you scream to the top of your lungs,partially pass out, and cry your eyes out in fear and thrill, while never sharing the same experience. “YOU GONE FALL IN LOVE!!! And who want to fall in love by yourself? If I have to go by myself, I don’t want to go!!! FALLING IN LOVE should be a mutual cliff dive into the Ocean of Love together and not a spectator sport for the entertainment of one of the parties involved. You go and then I’ll go should not be the expectation or the hidden agenda. LOVE is entirely too much risk, emotion, passion, sacrifice and commitment for one person to invest it ALL while the other person stand on the safe ground of selfish endeavors. I don’t want to fall by myself. Too many have agreed to a count down of trust to “jump on three or by the words ready, set, go,” only to find that one of us didn’t leave the platform. Now one of us is falling while the other is looking. If we fall, let’s fall together.

One more time…”And when we’re finished making Love, YOU GONE FALL IN LOVE WITH ME!!”

The most emotionally passionate words in this song are the words, delivered the same but I hear them differently. “You gone fall in love WITH ME!!! Not YOU the person, but WITH you.


You say, “With ME!!! Of course I would!!

With you? I would jump from the highest cliff, scale the steepest mountain, and dive into the deepest of oceans, as long as it is WITH YOU. I’d walk a thousand miles and cross the hottest desert sands, just as long as it is WITH YOU. There is no limitations that this world can conjure up that could limit my LOVE FOR AND WITH YOU!!

“And when we’re finished making love, You gone fall in love with me!!”

Can you imagine what that feels like? Falling in LOVE WITH SOMEONE!!! It’s two people jumping out of a plane Skydiving but OUR LOVE IS THE PARACHUTE RIDE DOWN!!!

I love you



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  1. Love is the parachute ride down. Wow! Oh, the possibilities of falling in love and the excitement it brings along with it. It’s been a minute but because of this post, I am going to keep hope alive. Your words are important to readers like me, and readers unlike me. It sparks me and makes me think, makes me feel, and most importantly makes me remember reasons for living. Keep rising to the top, you are that guy!

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  2. Do you always analyse emotions and feelings this way? Very contemplative!

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