Oh man this is the life!! I’ve dreamed of taking flights, dressed up and wishing somebody would ask me where I’m going. I’ve got my speech already prepared, formulated and power packed with passion. Please ask me!!!! What are you reading? Please ask me!! What cologne is that you’re wearing? Come on, I dare you!!!! Why are you so happy? I’m waiting in anticipation for the question!! Please go ahead!!

It is the joy of operating in your God given gift and talents. Why am I smiling from ear to ear? Because I’ve missed the magical moment of “Go-Time.” The butterflies, the nervousness to do what you’ve dreamed of, the anxious hurry to get to it but also the paralyzing fear of it failing. The hunger for the crowd love but the fear of their rejection. Let’s do it, It’s Go-Time!!

Daddy said, “Sink or Swim!!” This can only turn out one of two ways. We wish for the latter. There is the distinct moment that you can hear your heart beating and your thoughts loudly commentating what is to come, coupled with the space shuttle like warp speed take off. When the pace is in real time and your thoughts smear across your mind in an intelligible way. It seems like it took forever to start but now that it’s here, it’s going super fast. Guess what, It’s “Go-Time!!”

Maybe the starter gun goes off or the announcer calls your name. Maybe it’s the introduction of you as the speaker and the room goes silent. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for but you are frozen stiff when it happens. You take a deep breath, pray, wring your hands, and even stretch. What ever you do to shake off the hee-bee gee-bees, you earnestly try it al to no avail.

All that you have stored in memory has dissipated and your rehearsal work has scrabbled off the stage and left you note less and wanting. Your first mind is to flee or bargain for more time but you know it won’t help. You are only postponing and delaying the inevitable. Let’s get it on!! “It’s Go-Time!!”

The house lights go up, the curtain opens, the post applause introduction simmers, and the record starts to play. You can’t turn back now!! It’s go time.

It’s at the cruising altitude of 35,000 ft and according to the captain of the aircraft, we are about fifteen minutes out from landing in San Diego. Its then that it occurs to me that It’s Go-Time for me!! In my life, It makes sense UP HERE what God is doing DOWN THERE. I admit, I’ve not always been good at interpreting what God is doing in my life. Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong. Like most, we give it the old spin on the guessing wheel. Wishful and dreamy, we hope for the best. We confidently claim, He’s working in my favor. What I do know is that I’m hungry, excited, motivated and ready to go!!

I am ready to take the leap, the dive, the shot, and the swing.

Maybe by chance, you are feeling anxious and restless. It could very well be that you sense “Go-Time” is fast approaching. You already know that it won’t arrive by the announcement of an old slow man riding a elderly burro!! It will fly through on a high speed jet.

Let’s take the world by storm!! Let’s shock the naysayers!! Let’s rock the concert, ace the test, smash the Solo, and murder the speech!! We can because we are ready and prepared because it’s “Go-Time!!”

I Love you



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  1. What an amazing feeling it must be to see your dreams coming to life. An excellent read and interpretation of simple joy. How sweet that is. Very well done sir!

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  2. Anticipation feels better than living in a state of confusion. Sometimes we are so confused, we can’t pick which way to choose. I wish people helped us with making choices, instead of just leaving it all upon us. I wana go, but something holds me back…

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  3. What are you reading these days? I’m busy studying so I’m not reading anything except my notes and some blogs, but once I’m done with the exam I’ll pick a nice book to read.


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