The Drunken Truth

Only three types of people tell the truth: Kids, the drunk, and the angry.

Elizabeth Reyes

I’m finding my place somewhere between the casual social drinker and the drunk deep thinker. I was parched so I mosied into town and in search of “Ye Ole’ Watering Hole.” I could hear the music playing and the people talking a mile away. I tied up my horse and walked in through the swinging Saloon doors. I shuffled up to the bar, tipped my hat and shouted, “Bartender, Give me a shot of your best Fire Water?? He slammed two glasses on the bar, poured and slid both glasses down the length of the long bar and I caught them.

If what you seek is the truth, you’ll find it down in a bottle of 100 proof.

Drunken Truth…

If lies and laughs seem much cooler then poor a mixed drink or serve a cooler.

If it’s the facts you seek, Pour the hard stuff and you will see. You don’t have to believe me, the truth is in its potency. If you want to hear the stuff that makes you hit the roof, you’ll find it in the bottle labeled 100 proof.

Drunken Truth…

If you want to confirm what you’ve been thinking all this time, then pop the top and you will find, nothing but the naked truth but it’s hidden behind 100 proof.

Drunken Truth…

If it stings it tells, if it burns and smells, down the hatch it will go, buckle up to hear what you did not know. The drunken truth coming down the track, the spoken word you can’t take back. It sounds like scrambled thoughts aloof, but what you’ll find is Drunken Truth.

Drunken truth…

What is it inside the bottle that releases the truth within me? Is it the liquid within the bottle that releases the truth within me? What makes my speech so free? Just take a sip and you will see!! A couple of sips and you cannot lie, the facts exposed you can’t deny.

Drunken truth…

Just listen to the conversation after intoxication? Inebriate and communicate are liquid lovers that cannot be separated.

It’s 100 proof that reveals the truth? Is it the stiff drink that free me to think and audibly say what’s on my mind? When I’m sober I cannot find the words that doth so easily express my true pain and disappointment so I use alcohol as the ointment.

Drunken truth…

And just before I close my eyes and retire, I’ve spoken all of my needs, wants and desires. I hope I haven’t given too much for all to hear and spoken too much in your ear. Just remember this one little truth, with 100 proof comes the Drunken Truth.

Drunken truth…

Even though I stumble and often mumble,

What worse than a DUI, Driving Under the Influence, is a TUI (Talking Under the Influence.)

If it’s the truth that you seek and you do not hear it when they speak, just pour your friend a little drink and they will tell you what they think.

Drunken Truth…

I popped the top and looked down into the bottle and declared, “The truth must be down there somewhere. I’ll drink to that!!

Only three types of people tell the truth: Kids, the drunk, and the angry. Elizabeth Reyes

I love you


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  1. Now ain’t that the truth! lol. I must admit after I have had a glass or two or three, oh you will get the truth and then some. Excellent read sir

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