We’ll Leave The Light On For You!!

The inspiration to write this morning comes from several different sources. I thought I’d pen them as quickly as I could before they pull a disappearing act I’m never able to pull the same rabbit out my hat. The overwhelming push came from an internal cry out to God about a situation that I am facing this morning in particular. I’m praying and trying to remain optimistic about the outcome but on this inside I am screaming in a bit of fear. What am I going to do? It brings up this idea of darkness. Darkness suggests fatal and final at times. People don’t like darkness. We would rather the light. Light speaks of hope, optimism, and deliverance in our near future. In these dark days we need light. I need LIGHT!!!!!

I can handle some darkness because even without external light, I recognize the internal light within me that glows and helps me to go. We can continue with light. It’s when the internal light has dimmed and there is no sign of external light to be found. We are most miserable. It’s then that the above statement rings in my ear and I am glad to hear it’s melody, “We’ll leave the light on for you!!”

I think Motel 6 uses this tag, “We’ll Leave the light on for you!!” I assume it means, no matter how late you get in or what inconvenience you have experienced, whenever you get here, we will be waiting for you. Its the comforting assurance that someone is waiting for you and hoping you arrive safely. It’s knowing that you are loved and cared for, and amidst all the danger and strife in the world, we are waiting for you. You’ll know it because we will leave a light on. When the lights are off, it suggest that we are closed for business. Too bad, too sad for you. You are too late so go elsewhere. Thank God they leave the light on!

Then there are night lights and porch lights that people leave on. You can find me because I will leave a light on. Lighthouses shine a light across the ocean so lost ships can find their way to the shore. Night lights are for people that need to move about late at night without turning all the big lights in the house. Night lights are similar to foot lamps in the Bible. They are opposite from floodlights. Floodlights illuminate the entire path but foot lamps shed light on your next few steps!!

The longer I walk this path, I recognize I don’t need to see the whole path but only my next few steps. God has the rest handled. I’m just so glad somebody leaves a light on!!

Light is HOPE!! No light no hope!!! I am extra grateful that God keeps a light on even in utter darkness!! There are a million ways to find ourselves in darkness. Rather it be by our own doing or the vicissitudes of life, we land there somehow. What’s good to know is even when you arrive at a place called darkness, God’s message is “Don’t Worry, We’ll leave the light on for you!!”

I love you



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  1. I so love this story. ❤ 💙 💜 💖 💗

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  2. We get to see stars only when it gets real dark. Sometimes the strife in our life is meant to lead us to new brighter beginnings, new avenues. No doubt, God invisibly holds our hand all the way through dark alleys. It’s when our faith in Him is strong, we tread the path of life without worrying ⛅🌄🌈🌃


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