Stealing Kisses While You Sleep!!

I woke up and the glow from the clock said 2:45am. Darkness and quiet seem to be competing for control but I don’t believe it can get any darker. The hum of the air conditioner wall unit is stealing the victory from silence.

I was involuntarily brought to a conscious state and I think your movement and sound are the culprit. I am use to an empty bed generally only shared with my pillow and cellphone but tonight you joined us. At some point I fell asleep and forgot you were here until your movement startled me. A shift in your posture alarmed me until I quickly remembered you were here. Before I rolled over and reached for you, I laid perfectly still and just listened to you. How pleasant it is to observe a person truly resting. Especially when you know how busy they spend their waking hours. Still, resting, quiet and peaceful are garments that go well with your complexion. I hope in someway I help to provide the atmosphere for what your truly deserve. I slowly reach for you under the covers and I anticipate the warm of your skin. How comforting is human touch. It’s an entire language all by itself. It’s universal at best. It’s a genuine expression of a person’s internal love pulse. I speak with my touch. Feel me?

I care, I need you, I appreciate you, I want you, I accept you, I forgive you, I miss you, I’m here for you, I understand you and even I trust you, are all conveyed in a simple touch. There is no body pillow, vibrating gadget or pet that can offer the same feeling as the human touch of love. I’m sure some animal enthusiast and bed freak would debate me on this but I’m not interested. I have no dog in this fight. No pun intended. If the purr of your eight pound cat named Tabby soothes you or your twenty two pound Lab provides the warmth required, then you may be too far gone to remember what human touch feels like. Maybe a flea or two will offer just enough love bites to keep you connected. As I digress. (Delete the image.) Reset my mental scene!! It’s utter darkness coupled with quietness and I am awakened by your movement and body heat.

I roll my shoulders back just to see how close we are. I am lucky. A half roll backwards of my shoulder and bingo! I got action!! Touching at any point of contact is wonderful. Rather it’s a foot, a leg cross, a knee graze, an interlock, a spoon, or a simple hand, are all heaven sent.

Instead I reach for you and my love GPS knows your coordinates. As a result, I quietly select my destination, shift the covers and move into position. I don’t want to startle you or wake you so I move with the speed of a sloth and the stealth of a stalking serpent in tall grass.

I got plans and I have every intention on carrying them out. I’ve titled this night slash early morning mission, “Stealing Kisses While you Sleep!!” This is not some “Perv move,” because she would willfully surrender them if she were woke with the light on. These are sweeter because she can’t reciprocate. She can only receive my good kisses.

She’s resting well because I’ve heard deep breaths, screams, moaning and even what sounded like a chuckle. Her body is totally relaxed and her face is pressed against the pillow. I want to steal enough kisses that somehow it plays well into what she is actually dreaming about.

I am so close to you that two spoons look like one. My lips are right between the top of your shoulders blades and I find your tattoo. I gently rest my lips against your skin and I lip sync the words, “I love you” on your back. I render a volley of kisses upon your back, the nape of your neck and that hot part of your skin right behind your ear, without you waking up. You don’t even know it. You are loved and loved on while you are sleep. It’s one thing to love on a person woke but while they are in a deep sleep? Amazing.

I don’t know the difference between semi-sweet chocolate and milk chocolate but you must be created my Mr. Willie Wonka himself. I really want you to wake up and rollback because I want to kiss your warm lips but that would be selfish of me. Like a burglar in the night, I’lll take what I can get my lips on. Your neck is on fire. I steal one. Your shoulder. Two, three, four!! If someone turned the lights on right now, I would be caught red handed with my hand in the cookie jars and crumbs all over my face. Don’t worry, I would willfully surrender and make the confession. Lock me up, take me away and throw away the key but if you think I’m gonna sit here locked in this bakery overnight and not taste something, you’ve got another thing coming.

It’s not stealing because she would willfully give them to me if she was woke, but stolen kisses are so much sweeter. She can’t kiss back, she can’t look deep into my eyes, she hug me or touch to reciprocate. She can’t even thank me because she’s sleep.

Even though I’ve stolen kisses, the good thing is she won’t even know. She has so much love in excess and on reserve that she won’t even miss it. As a mattered fact, instead of stealing her kisses, I’ve replaced it with my love for her. Good girls sleep peacefully. While they sleep, dust their lips with sugar. I aim on getting all of hers before she wakes. Bad girls fight and run in their sleep. Their breath smells like black licorice. This is a good girl right here.

The alarm just went off and I have to get out of here before she detects me. Bye!!

I love you


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