The Day Before…

I hope I always remember the day before we met. The day before Love knocked on the door. The day before I believed this could be possible or even available for me or us. The day before I never saw it coming. The day before I didn’t even know to look for it or wait for it. The day before I feared time had expired and I would be forced to live the rest of life existing off the morsels of “what if,” the stale bread of “If I would have” and the warm tap water of “If I could have.”

The day before you, was the day that the sun did shine but not as bright. The world’s plethora of colors did not pop as loud on the canvas of my life. Water wasn’t as wet nor ice as cold as it is now. The day before I chuckled and laughed but now my smile extends from ear to ear and no longer ends in a sigh.

It would be an insult to suggest that God was less than until you showed up. Truth is, without you equates to me living behind dark sunglasses shading the beauty of this world. I would never assume that you showed up outside of our Creator’s doing. You are his doing and what a fine sculpted masterpiece did he fashion. He didn’t break the mold with you, He never made one. He probably was having an amazing day and shaped you in the palm of his own hand and chose to never curve his hand in that manner again. I am eternally grateful that I am the recipient of a one of a kind jewel such as yourself.

The day before you showed up, I remember praying and asking for another chance at true love and marriage before my life expired. I wrote on the papyrus of my heart, rolled it up, corked it in a bottle, and cast it as far heavenward as I possibly could. I hoped that He would get it and He did. It was the day before.

I have no clue where I heard it. It dates back well beyond my years. Somebody made mention of “Cloud Nine.” They said, I’m walking or floating on Cloud Nine!! Cloud Nine suggested a euphoric high of sorts. A joy unspeakable and clearly well beyond what average mortals experience. I’m walking on Cloud Nine? If you know me, I am hungry to figure this out!! If this is Cloud Nine, where are the other eight, are these progressive steps and is training involved? If there is cloud walking, Should my shoes be off? Do I need flight classes? Do I parachute down to it or charter a rocket flight up to it? I want to know.

If loving you is Cloud Nine-ish, is there a Cloud Ten? If so, I’m going to be in trouble because breathing is already difficult and tears of joy are already running like an open faucet. Who can handle Cloud Ten???? Stop playing, I’m looking for your wings lady. Loving you is way out of my circle of reference. Unfamiliar territory at best. Are you half human and half Angel? I absolutely adore your walk and Angels don’t switch like that. Angel hips don’t sway like that. Am I lusting after an Angelic winged wonder? I’m looking for the glitter trail or the flock of white doves that flank and follow you. Are their beaks made of gold? Don’t worry, it’s Cloud Nine convo!! It ain’t for everybody.

All this time you all been booking trips and taking flights to Belize, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico but never floated on Cloud Nine? The day before I met you, I had never visited Cloud Nine either.

If it’s origin is true, Meteorologist possibly named clouds according to their altitude. The higher the cloud, the higher the number. All I know is I am way up here and I can’t handle much more. I’m floating and I can’t come down.

I hope I never forget the day before…..

I love you


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