I Just Want To Say This…

I know this means nothing but I just want to say it. In fact, I need to say it. Why? Why now? Why this? I don’t have those answers. I just need to say this and you just happen to be the recipient. You have the right to dismiss, trash, ignore and delete this message. As a matter of fact, I hope this message self destructs ten seconds after you hear it. I hope the only evidence left from this conversation is that something was said but you no longer remember.

I neither want or need you to respond to it. At this point, it is either too late or the opportunity to offer a rebuttal has dissipated. It’s a one way trip with no return. Again, I don’t need a response, I actually just need to deliver the mail. You ever notice that the mailman doesn’t hang around and wait for you to open the mail and ask, “So, what do you think?” Consider this a postal delivery. You are just the mailbox.

You don’t have to ask if I have the right address, I am crystal clear it’s you. You don’t need to know if there is a return address or who the sender is, it don’t matter. This is a strictly selfish move. I understand that it might leave you wondering and a bit bewildered because you don’t know who it is but again, thanks for receiving it. It’s sorta like those people that walk up and ask you your name and stick a subpoena in your hand and run while screaming, “you’ve been served.” (I think that’s how they do it?) Consider yourself served.

I’ve been carrying this thought, these words and my feelings about it for a very long time. In this pandemic crazy world of creeps, you just don’t know what to say and how people will respond. I decided to keep it until now. I recognize that I will feel better If I unload it, release it and let it fly. It needs to be in the hands of the person that it belongs to. I can’t keep it. It kills me to keep it caged. Today it will be free to roam in your mental backyard because I’m tired of walking this dog. Good riddance!!! (I spell checked that puppy!!🙂)

I saw you. I’ve watched you. I’ve heard you and I am Wowed!! Bet cha didn’t know you Wowed somebody!! This might just be message of admonishment for you to keep being you!! “May I pay you a compliment,” seems to be an old line that has lost its virginity to, “You know you got a fat booty?” The good ole’ days of respectful compliments!! Where have you gone? “Shorty you thick,” seems to be the ticket to the smile! What a world…. “Where’d you get eyes like those?” will get you cursed out and a solo date night with pornhub. (I should use a mental filter when I write but I gotta say it.)

We live in a day when I just want to say it and keep going. Don’t make a motion picture or Broadway stage play out of this!! No cameras and no encore. Hear it and bounce. I just want to pay the compliment and keep it moving. Let me tell you how far ahead I’ve thought this thing out. You don’t even have to say thank you. In my mind, I’ve included it in my compliment. I’ve said it for you so you won’t have to. Just hear it and act accordingly.

If the compliment is, “You are glowing and gorgeous,” double down on it!! If the compliment is, “That color is working for you”, wear more of it!! If it’s, “You lit this whole damn room up when you walked in, run for Governor!! Flow with it either way!! I’m not your secret admirer, I just recognize Beauty and blessings when I see it!!!

If you SEE IT, SAY IT!! You never know what paying a compliment will do for a person who just might be having some internal struggle. Now this does not give you Carde Blanche to say what and whenever you want to my Girl. Please rest assure her ear drums are overflowing with compliments before she walks out the house. As a matter of fact, her head is so big with confidence and accolades that she has to walk out through the garage.

In short, just get it out. Just say it without ulterior motives. Be genuine and keep it moving!!

I love you




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  1. Yes, we shouldn’t be misers when it comes to praise and compliments. You’ve expressed a very beautiful thought here, it shows how generous and large-hearted you are. Genuine people speak like you speak, fake people just pretend and hold back. 👏

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